Holding my own in Action Shooting International

I shot in another ASI match yesterday at Renton Fish and Game Club. I did about the same as I did last time. I came in 5th out of 69 shooters. I had six seconds of penalties in a five stage match.

I prefer USPSA matches because of the added complexity and problem solving required. But I still have fun with ASI.


4 thoughts on “Holding my own in Action Shooting International

  1. Hmmmm, Robin Taylor’s answer to the USPSA, eh? I’m not seeing what they add to shooting sports, but that’s their choice.

    • Many new or low skill shooters are intimidated by USPSA stages. Much less so by ASI stages.

      More shooters shooting “practical” matches and having fun is a win for everyone.

      • Well, I agree with the implicit criticism of many USPSA stage designers …..

  2. I hope that the equipment race doesn’t cause a change in this sport. It looks like it could be fun.

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