I’m getting the hang of this

I shot in another Action Shooting International match yesterday. While the game could be described as an extremely simplified version of USPSA the game is scored much differently than USPSA:

ASI matches use the popular “time and penalties” scoring system. The elapsed time from the first shot to last is the shooter’s raw score, plus any applicable penalties. Matches will use the standard IDPA target. (Although USPSA/IPSC targets may be used in a pinch.)

3.1 Each paper target must be shot twice, unless indicated in the written course description. If the shooter fires more shots at the target than needed, only the best-scoring shots will score (typically the best two).

3.2 Shots striking the central scoring zone do not incur a penalty. Shots striking outside the central scoring zone earn time penalties in seconds, according to the following rule:

IDPA Target – “Down Zero” = +0, “Down 1” = +1 second, “Down 3” = +3 seconds.

USPSA/IPSC “Metric” Target – “A” or “B” = +0, “C” = +1 second, “D” = +3 seconds.

USPSA/IPSC “Classic” Target (international) – “A” = +0, “C” = +1 second, “D” = +3 seconds

The IPDA “Down Zero” area is much smaller than the USPSA “A” zone. I typically shoot USPSA targets with splits in the range of 0.20 to 0.50 seconds where a few “C” hits aren’t a big deal. This isn’t the case with ASI matches. First off, I must slow down just because of the much smaller “Down Zero” target area. And then I have to keep in mind that I can easily double the amount of time per shot and still end up with a better score because of the severe penalties of a non perfect hit. My habit, from years of USPSA shooting, is to shoot like I had the USPSA “A” zones and shoot where a few “C” hits don’t matter.

I slowed down a lot and got much better hits. It was not enough because I still had eight seconds of penalties with a seven stage match. But compared to nine seconds for a five stage match last month it was a big improvement. The standing reflected this improvement as I came in fifth out of 75 shooters this time as opposed to ninth out of 58 at the last match.