Such a clever argument

Via email from Barron


With such smart people as opponents, delivering such clever arguments, we might as well give up right now.

Or, we could just add them to the list of people who resort to Markley’s Law in the first few seconds of discussion and laugh at them.


4 thoughts on “Such a clever argument

  1. She doesn’t mean that literally, does she?

    And she doesn’t even have enough of the courage of her convictions to spell “fuck” properly. (If you want to say it, say it. Don’t pretend you didn’t say it.)

    And it’s nice that she doesn’t think gun owners are dangerous… or she’d never dare say such a thing.

    The cognitive dissonance is strong with this one…

  2. Someone’s is expressing excessive concern for men’s penises. Apparently this sort of thing is an outgrowth as the assertion that Western Civilization is “phal-logo-centric”;

    It’s in there somewhere. Or your could search the term yourself. It’s too stupid for me to spend any time on it. Basically it’s asserting paternalism, with an emphasis on the phallus. Markley’s Law applied to civilization as a whole. So this has been brewing for some time, apparently– What ever it takes to portray men, particularly white men, as oppressors and everyone else as victims who need to get even for all the suffering in the world (all caused by men, what with their penises and all). What they want is absolutely power, tyranny, mass destruction and mass murder, which they believe would be “social justice”.

    Same old same old. It’s getting boring. If they’re going to get in on, I wish they’d go ahead and get it on already.

    Like us though, they’re waiting for someone else, some hero or other, to do the heavy lifting. Obviously, on their side, the hero can’t be a man though. That would be too “phall-o-centric” or paternal, or something. Maybe they’ll have to settle for a brigade of SJW red diaper doper babies and whatnot, with guns of course, because how else can they get on with all the murdering and pillaging they’ve been promised?

    “Hey hey! Ho ho! Western Civ had got to go! Hey hey…!”

    I’m sure they’ll figure out a way. They always do. And we’ll be surprised by it. We always are. “How did things ever come to this…?”

  3. I’m going to guess that she has never seen one of those male things up close and personal. Also she has not seen my gun. She cannot have sex with either of them.

    So much anger, venom, and hatred, directed at 100 million Americans who never broke any firearm law or caused any harm. She should rethink her targeting.

  4. The reverse side of her sign says, “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.”

    Injustice like, say, depriving 100 million Americans of their God-given and Constitutionally-protected rights and seizing their lawfully-purchased property, without due process and with little-to-no compensation, because of the actions of a scant handful of deranged and criminal individuals? That kind if injustice?

    Take it away, Inigo.

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