Quote of the day—Michael Z. Williamson

If a bureaucrat has the authority to state that AND ENFORCE IT, there is no Republic. Literally any cabinet head, or possibly lower, can declare outlawry, steal property, seize anything, without even the pretense that an existing law was broken. Law will be whatever they say it is, any day of the week. Any religion can be illegal or mandatory. Anything can be contraband or mandatory. The rule of law simply fails to exist. If this doesn’t terrify you, I guess you can go now. Good luck. There’s nothing I can do when they quite literally do come to put you in those camps you fear, which just became a solid reality.

Michael Z. Williamson
March 24, 2018
If You Hate Guns, I Need Your Help
In regard to the ATF making a rule to ban bump stocks.
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


10 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Michael Z. Williamson

  1. Well, yeah. How is that different from how the Constitution has been ignored ever since 1789?

  2. You and I read that quote as a warning.

    Many others would read it and get excited, hoping for it, wanting to Finally be able to get things done and Solve the problems without the Deplorable Problems and obstructions they face every day in America.

    Are we warning the enemy then, expecting them to recoil away from their lust for total power? Isn’t that a bit like warning Hillary that she appears to be an Alinskyite, or pointing a finger at the KKK and telling them they should be careful lest they become racists?

    • At very least, those of whom you speak would do well to consider that, though they aspire to the role of Stalin, they may end up cast in the role of Trotsky.

      And things will just Snowball from there….

    • I agree that warnings are now useless. If you get power you use it to destroy your enemies, or they destroy you. Anyway, anybody else see “The death of Stalin”?

  3. “The Law Depends on What the Judge Had for Breakfast.” — attributed to Judge Jerome Frank, a legal realist, as a description of legal realism.

    The difficulty is that administrative law is almost this arbitrary and capricious.

    • Is there any constitutional basis for the concept of “administrative law” ?

  4. Congress Critters enabled this in the late ’70’s, enabling departments to create and ENFORCE regulations as if they were laws. That’s also where we got FDA swat teams to enforce milk laws! Sadly, I laugh whenever Trump or any politician says they’re going to clean up the Gooberment. Until the monster that is the bureaucracy sucks the life out of the host (usin’ working voters) and the whole thing collapses in on itself the best we can do is slow down the monster’s growth.

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