They want you dead

I had been thinking about it for a while but didn’t want to go through the work of finding all the old posts but someone in the comments (Drew Rinella) suggested I create a new category “They want you dead”. So, when I woke up at 3:00 AM this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep I got on my computer and created the new category, did a bunch of searching for the posts that matched, and edited them to include them in the category.

I then did some catch up on reading other blogs and found this:


So very apropos.


11 thoughts on “They want you dead

  1. Twitter is such an illness. I still can’t understand why people assign so much weight to this idiotic platform. Yet, we see it all the time:
    “Reaction on Twitter was swift…..”
    Etc etc etc.
    As if all Twitter users are individual, legitimate, Americans. Who gives a shit? I’ve come to an opposite opinion on Twitter: If it came from there, it’s probably bullshit. Same thing I think when I see a CNN byline.

    • There is evidence to support the hypothesis that a fair amount of the agitation is done by nation states hostile to the U.S.

    • Daniel, thanks. I read it, and agree. Then I read most of the articles it links to, like the one about the AR15 receiver built from metal sheets, and the AK47 made from a recycled shovel. And the GhostGunner website. Excellent items, all of them.

  2. I propose a new law in the style of Godwin’s Law or Markley’s Law — “in any discussion of gun control by proponents, the discussion will quickly devolve to killing those who disagree with disarmament.

    • Windy’s Law?

      I’m not convinced that is nearly as common Markley’s Law. But I have a idea for provoking that type of response. I’ll test it on Twitter and see how it works. If it works then I’ll be able to feed my blog with that material.

      • That’s ok, Windy’s Law sounds a bit like Bambi’s Law or operation lollypop. Not quite the ferocious connotations it needs.

        What’s the law where the gun control anti-liberty Stalinist always jumps to nukes and bazookas in his argument?

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