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The Supreme Court ruled in D.C. v. Heller (2008) that the Second Amendment protects the arms that are typically possessed for lawful purposes by law-abiding citizens. That includes the AR-15. Yet because negligent government actors failed to prevent a massacre, the cry goes out to ban this rifle.

The expired 1994 Clinton ban on “assault weapons”—a propaganda term for modern sporting rifles—had zero effect on crime. A Department of Justice study verified that. Yet a similar ban is now advocated because government failed to act and prevent the murders.

Stephen P. Halbrook
March 2, 2018
Blame for Parkland Rests with Local School Officials and FBI Ineptitude
[There is no escaping the conclusion that the majority of people who want gun owners disarmed have reasons other than a reduction in violent crime.

Don’t trust anyone that wants you disarmed. If you have no intent to harm innocent people then only reason they could have to disarm you is because they wish to do something to you that you wouldn’t allow if you were armed.

This meme also has a good point.—Joe]


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  1. A recent news item reports that De Blasio is banning all armed cops from NYC schools. One wonders what his goal is.
    One way to show that “assault weapon” is an imaginary concept is to look at how it is defined in all the various bills that have been proposed over the years. The definitions are all over the map. In one bill, a Mauser Broomhandle was included in the definition. The bad guys always put up pictures of fully pimped out AR-15s when they push their bills, but when you read the text you find out they cast a much wider net, as wide as they think they can get away with that day. Not that a narrow net would be excusable.
    I view “assault weapon” as a term of bigotry, applied to a category of guns just as the term n****r is used as a term for a group of humans. Both terms claim to describe, but their actual intent is to denigrate, and to justify a denial of rights.

    • I wonder when a double action revolver will get pulled into the semi-auto net. After all, a bullet is fired each time the trigger is pulled, until the magazine capacity of six is exhausted.

      • Well, yes, DA revolvers are clearly “semi automatic weapons”. As are DA pistols. And under the definitions of a recent bill, such items as a 1911 with a threaded barrel would be an “assault weapon” because it’s a semi-auto firearm with a “scary feature”.

    • Other terms of hatespeech include “fetus”, as it was once pointed out to me that no mother refers to an unborn child as a fetus; it is only after the decision to render it a nonpersonis that word used.
      The same might be said about “right-wing extremist”, as there is no leftist position too extreme to include in the leftist camp, but any contrary opinion in favor of any amount of individual liberty is that of a “right-wing extremist” even the most left-leaning of RINOS in the northeastern states.

      • Good one. Opinion writer Peggy Noonan made that point quite articulately in an op-ed in the Wall St. Journal a few weeks ago. One example she used: one doesn’t say “I just felt the fetus move” but rather “I just felt the baby move”.

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