Quote of the day—Liberalitarian

AR-15s should be illegal, but that is just a start. Any gun made to kill only humans at a rapid rate should be illegal. What is needed to kill a deer should be the max. Single shot, 6 round magazines. Begin confiscating everything else in a buy back program and make us like Australia.

March 7, 2018
Comment to ‘March for Our Lives’ gun control rally to draw thousands across US: Everything you need to know
[Their handle should be “Authoritarian” instead of “Liberalitarian”.

Don’t ever let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.—Joe]


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  1. “Single shot, 6 round magazines.”

    Knows what he’s talking about, doesn’t he?

    • “What is needed to kill a deer should be the max.”

      Just for the public record; In WA State the 223 / 5.56 mm cartridge most common to the AR-15 is banned in the hunting regulations for deer and larger game because it is considered under-powered. It’s mostly considered a varmint cartridge, as for coyotes and smaller animals.

      But what about “killing” supply trucks that are servicing authoritarian storm troopers? To heck with shooting deer, we need the heavy anti-materiel guns. We know that the leftist agitators agree, being as how they tell us our small arms aren’t any match to a modern military.

      • Actually, I think it should be mandatory that every family group should own at least one .50 cal rifle, or at least a .338 Lapua. Bolt action, of course – with 60 round clipazines.

        I do like the OP’s familiarity with guns, ballistics, and hunting regulations too. Not only does he provide his single-shots with magazines (how the heck do I fit one of those on my Ruger #1??) but in many states a 6 round mag would hold two rounds more than the legal limit.

        Although he is right on one point – we really don’t NEED to have a standard-cap, semi-auto to take out the likes of him, should that become necessary. In fact, my preference would be to do it Boomnam Style – from about 800 yards with a .309 or .260 Rem.

    • You laugh but the Libertarian vice presidential candidate Bell Weld said pretty much this verbatim during the last Gary Johnson campaign.

  2. “Their handle should be “Authoritarian” instead of “Liberalitarian”

    Each side wants “liberation” from the other. One side wants to be free, which means “free from coercion”. The other side wants to be “free” to control by coercion, and sees the Bill of Rights as a “Charter of Negative Rights”. One side’s freedom is the other side’s oppression. Evil wants to be free, same as good.

    They see it as unfair and unjust if evil is oppressed, and a recognized right to self defense is highly oppressive to evil. Thus the second amendment sticks in their collective craw with an especial irritation.

    It’s brilliant how they use the “never again” slogan. It means that if you disagree with their authoritarian system you’re calling for the murder of more kids.

  3. One day all together the sheep decided to make a rule that dogs were no longer allowed to have teeth. It was, after all, a common sense safety measure since so many sheep were harmed and eaten by tooth violence. “Only the farmer should have teeth,” they said. “No one else needs to have teeth because the farmer will take care of us.” Relunctantly, but wanting to play nice and coexist with the sheep, the sheepdogs all lined up to have their teeth pulled. Unfortunately the wolves played by different rules.

    • Which is why I’ve never really subscribed to that whole sheepdog thing. A sheepdog has a master, just as much as the sheep do.

      • It is not an unlimited metaphor. Just a loose analogy which I think fits more so than it doesn’t. It has also been pointed out that the sheep dog works for the farmer so that the sheep can be eventually harvested. Again, a limited metaphor.

      • With God and His word as Master, the analogy fits. We’re all being readied for that particular “harvest”, and even that very language is repeated often in the Bible. But wait; Jesus is the Lamb, so, still a problem in the analogy I guess. Jesus didn’t come out with a sword, swinging (nor did he lobby the Roman government in favor of coercive redistribution programs for the poor, or for “sword control”), but he did tell his disciples to get swords, even if they had to sell their garments to do it. But then “live by the sword…die by the sword” would seem to be a contradiction to some, so I can only take it altogether to mean, have a gun, be “reckoned among the transgressors” for having a gun, but don’t “live by it”, meaning don’t make it your mainstay, magic sword Excaliber to solve your nagging problems, most of which are internal anyway.

  4. Leaving the other stupidity aside, who the fudge needs six rounds to kill a deer?

    I’m reminded of Voltaire: “I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: ‘O Lord, make my enemies ridiculous.’ And God granted it.”

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