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The American Left was not caused by socialism or radical ideology. The causal relationship was the other way around. The hive-like behavior was a constant, a part of the American biology. When the socialist paradise collapsed, the Left switched to sexual and racial utopianism. That means when the current rage heads burn what’s left of society, only to not arrive at the promised land, they will find some new fantasy to embrace. The Hive is eternal.

March 7, 2018
The Eternal Hive
[Via email from Peter G.

One of my hypothesizes has been that the political left always needs something to hate. From before the U.S. Civil War until the 1960s the target was primarily their slaves, then the freed slaves, then capitalism and blacks in general. In the 1960s blacks were replaced by gun owners. As the collapse of the USSR and other socialist and communist political systems fell from grace whites and men were added and capitalism was deemphasized.

Z Man’s claim also appears to match my observations.

If Z Man is correct, one extrapolation indicates that the end is near and it won’t be pretty.—Joe]


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  1. Some want coercion and some want liberty.

    The argument for liberty never changes. Truth is a constant.

    The arguments in favor of a system of coercion (rule by crime, or cleptocracy) must always be changing. Lies must always be running, dodging, hiding and disguising themselves.

    “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.”

    Is it global cooling or global warming? Or is it just the vaugeries of weather? Either way it’s liberty’s fault, Mankind is to blame, and the answer is more coercive redistribution and less people.

    The argument for coercion must change because evidence is always catching up to it. Evil must run, dodge, hide, change its costume, and re-emerge as something new and compelling. If nothing else it will keep us busy debunking the lies rather than speaking the truth.

    You’ll get more attention speaking outrageous lies than by speaking the age-old truth. The disrupter always commands our attention. There’s always time to discuss the latest disruption, but never time to find the truth behind the previous disruptions.

    It’s not a simple thing to dress up fear, envy, lust, bigotry, covetousness, hate and a constant need for excitement, as virtues, and so the arguments must always be changing.

    Since it’s always “new” it is most appealing to the young and the insecure, which is why every successful coercive system revolution has successfully enjoined the youth.

    Don’t knock it though; it works brilliantly. It rules the world. When the hive’s promised land fails to materialize, it make more people insecure, thus bringing them into the clan. You realize that’s not a failure but a win-win for the dark side, once you realize that its purpose is to destroy people and lord over them as they suffer and die.

    With that realization, you acknowledge the brilliance in the lies. That “promised land” then, whatever it may be from week to week, or year to year, far from being stupid, delusional or insane, is actually a very clever, well-crafted lie.

    So it comes down, as always, to the question of who are the perpetrators verses who are the duped.

    It doesn’t matter. By the time you think you’ve got some part of that figured out, there are a thousand more crimes to “solve” and the mob is beating at your door, commanding your immediate attention. We’re outside the enemy’s OODA Loop. See how much attention we’ve given them just now…oh but look over there!…

  2. My only quibble is that the Other in the 60s was the Police and Military. Gun owners joined the Other in the 70s because we are allies of and correlated with, population wise, the Police and Military.

    • I can see the Police and Military becoming part of the Other then.

      But I was thinking of GCA68 and that took several years to get pushed through so I thought of it being evidence of the political left attacking gun owners at that time. Am I missing something here?

      • Who has to collect up the guns under the GCA68?

        Remember that the favorite game of leftists/(r)abbits is “Let’s you and him fight.”

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