Boomershoot 2018 slot up for auction

Boomershoot 2018 is coming up fast (the weekend of April 21st and 22nd). There are still a number of great positions available.

And there is a very special position available via auction here. This position was donated by Boomershoot to Hamlin Robinson school for them to auction for fundraising. Additional details are at the link above and here:

1) Hamlin Robinson is a Seattle-based K-8 specialty school for kids with dyslexia and language development issues.

2) The package is just for the main Boomershoot day, but it is ideal for newbies or long distance travelers, as the package includes assistance and spotting from Ryan and I, even loaning bolt rifles if we have to.

3) If the winners sign up for events/training on Friday and Saturday, Ryan and I will still assist and lend equipment.

4) I have extra reservations at the Helgeson so the auction winners don’t need to worry about finding accommodation.

Attend Boomershoot, get free coaching and loaner equipment and help a worthy cause at the same time. It’s a win for everyone.


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