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  1. Does that mean anything? I read it several times and failed to find any semantic content.

    • He wanted people to “show some character”. Therefore, in his somewhat warped view of the world, he wanted a fascist government so that he could sort out which people might be of interest to him.

    • hopefully during the twenty years since that quote, Josh has grown up and learned how to spell.

      • The spelling error could have been mine. I’m not sure if that was something I pulled off an email or from something he said to me.

  2. “Gold tried in the fire”?
    There’s enough adversity in life, and in the world, without governments setting out to violate human rights at the wholesale level. That is, if you subscribe to the concept of dark adversity being a good thing somehow.

    And anyway, in spite of the beautiful rhetoric and the founding documents, America has been essentially Fascist from the beginning. The Jesuits and Catholics (and by extension all of the ecumenical religions, which are bound to Rome and include all the big ones and more) are openly Fascist. Fascist symbology can be found throughout WA DC, and the Vatican, et al, and the a United Nations has religious unity council, seeking to bring all these interests together. One big, nasty, global family of Fascists,

    Where government and industry work together, ostensibly for the People, there is the essence of Fascism. Democrats often lash out against “Fascism” while advocating and promoting it at every turn. Republicans merely practice Fascism without talking about it.

    Which is more insidious? I don’t know.

    When a Democrat, or other leftist agitator, or anarchist, screams “Fascist!” at a Republican, be sure to agree, and to thank him, sincerely. That is actually a good place to start a meaningful conversation with someone (rather than the typical shouting match/hate fest/fist fight signifying nothing).

    • By this measure then, all countries in the world range from moderately Fascist, to much worse. For a teeny tiny taste, check out the symbolism page here;

      What they don’t show you are the significant places these symbols appear, probably even in your own town.
      It gets more interesting, as you’ll find those and similar symbols all over our U.S. capitol, in many churches, at the UN, any Masonic temple, and well, pretty much everywhere. Note that the NATO cross is the Celtic cross, is the Neo-Nazi flag, is a much older symbol going back to sun worship cultures. This stuff doesn’t get plastered everywhere all by accident. It seems harmless and even charming to most of us, who stumble through life unawares, but those of the Dark Ages mentality who choose to use those symbols are dead serious about it.
      Batshit crazy? Yes. “Conspiratorial”? Yes. A real indicator? Also yes.

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