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We’re 17 children closer to the Australian solution. Unfortunately because of the pervasive gun cult of tiny-handed cowards, we’re not close.

February 14, 2017
Comment to The Latest: Student: Suspect in school shooting ‘weird kid’
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday.

This idiot thinks what they did to gun owners in Australia is plausible. It has neither legal or practical plausibility.—Joe]


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  1. Here is a thought experiment for you: Assume every wet dream of the anti-gun side is granted, and a total ban on civilian firearm ownership is passed into law in the US, with draconian penalties for noncompliance and efficient round-up teams to collect the guns by force if necessary. OK, got the picture?

    What will the anti-gun side say when a maniac or extremist of whatever kind uses an explosion, arson, poison, or other means is used to kill a lot of innocent people?
    My bet: Not a damn thing.

    What will the anti-gun side say when violent crime skyrockets?
    My bet: Not a damn thing.

    What will the anti-gun side say when other forms of self defense are outlawed?
    My bet: Not a damn thing.

    What the left wants is compliance, by force if necessary, but preferably without effort on their part. To hell with that, to hell with them.

    • We don’t need to ask those questions. Those scenarios have played out countless times and places throughout the world already. And you’re right; when authoritarianism causes problems, even mass destruction and mass death, freedom is to blame and the answer is more authoritarianism. QED.

      The Progressive Marxists have not a single critical thing to say about Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea, or the former Soviet Union, to name just a few. To the contrary; they’ve excused and lauded communist regimes now for generations. Everywhere the Progressives get their way, corruption runs rampant, economies stagnate and cronyism takes over, violence increases, they can clearly see all that, and yet they always call for more of the same.

      To say, as did Michael Savage, that “liberalism is a mental disorder” then is an understatement. In fact we’re dealing with the criminally insane, or the army of evil, and they hold all the major political positions in both parties as well as the religious leadership positions worldwide.

      So what are you going to do about it; plead your case to the nearest Progressive Republican or to your local Progressive Democrat? They’ll make some half-hearted show of listening to you, and then laugh at your dumb ass behind your back.

      That’s a long-winded way of saying there is no solution in politics, only various ways of decorating the path to destruction.

    • Responses to your questions have already been made – just look across the Atlantic to England:

      My bet: How dreadful! Another spot of tea, please?

    • Any and all authoritarians, that’s what kind of sick fuck. Without some significant level of chaos they have no purpose or justification for existing. It’s built in to their lifestyle.

      What we fail to understand is that they get 100 percent of their power from our playing along with them. Without our cooperation they’re gone with the wind.

  2. new rule for political discourse in general, and i shall try my best to introduce it wherever i talk politics: when you find yourself building your political successes on the backs of murdered innocents, you should shut up, take a step back, and reconsider your politics.

  3. Y’know, when I first saw that, I thought it said ‘Austrian solution’.

    That’s seems more appropriate for the Progressive mindset.

    • If they were honest, they’d admit that is what they actually mean. Or you could call it the “Schiklgruber solution”.

  4. Just sayin’: I will never peacefully surrender my firearms or ammunition. I don’t own an AR-15. I am not a member of the NRA. I keep a .30 cal. battle rifle. I can hit a man size target at 500 yards all day. At 300 yards My rifle will send a bullet through a car and the L-3A vest on the other side. My weapons, like me, are the product of an older generation and an older mindset. I have trained with them all my life. I will NEVER surrender my weapons or ammunition, and will gladly die in a foxhole, on a bed of brass ,to prove it.

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