Quote of the day—Bess Kalb @bessbell

If you feel like you need an AR-15 you are not mentally fit to own an AR-15.

Bess Kalb @bessbell
Tweeted on February 15, 2018
[Don’t ever let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.

Just as gun owners have predicted. Mental competency tests are a very dangerous path to go down.

A better way to think of this is that if someone thinks this makes sense or will ever be tolerated it proves they aren’t fit to participate in discussions of our specific enumerated rights.—Joe].


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  1. The Progressive Marxist movement has been salivating over a mental health test for many years. They’re so close now they can taste it. I’m guessing they’ll get it, and that the Republicans and many “pro-gun” people, including the NRA, will help them. If they don’t get it this time around, they’ll get it next time.

    All they need are a few more dead kids. There are plenty of leftist-demoralized, depressed, pissed-off and suicidal kids to deliver for them too– it’s a built-in feature of public education that you get demoralized, depressed, pissed-off and suicidal kids.

    “Enough is enough!” those you thought were on the side of liberty will say, “We’ve tried it your way and our kids are dying in droves!” and that will be that– They won’t be able to withstand the accusations and so they’ll flip on you like the flipping of a switch. One day, one minute they’ll be on your side, and the next minute you’ll see a pent-up hatred in them come forth, directed at you.

    The former champions of liberty, now the tools of the radical left (which they were all along, they just didn’t know it), the Judas Iscariots, become the “reasonable” ones. They’ll be applauded for their “independence” and “open-mindedness”, while you’re still the extremist who wants to hand out assault rifles to crazy people. “You probably want AR-15s to be dispensed mandatorily with every prescription of psycho meds.”

    “..And he was reckoned among the transgressors.”

    You know, the other thing this might be leading to is that recurring fantasy among the Progressive Eugenicists of exterminating the “mentally deficient” (basically anyone who disagrees with them). If they’re of no use to society, if they’re bogging us all down, standing in the way of the coming of the New World Order (the New Age, the Thousand Points of Light), if they’re consuming “scarce” resources that could be going to the more deserving, and if you say they’re allowed even to have guns (all of which is “unsustainable” don’t you know)…well then…is there any other choice?

    Tell me that’s not where this is heading.

    • In other news, sun rises in east and water is wet.

      It’s a common pattern in collectivist thought: utopia isn’t occurring because SOMEONE is dragging us down. Jews. Kulaks. Conservatives.

      Of course, they are somewhat inconvenienced by the fact that unlike those first two groups, we are armed and have no plans to disarm anytime soon.

  2. Ironically, the first time I felt a _need_ for an AR-15 was when Ms. Kalb’s ideological siblings in California declared that I, and the rest of the plebes, didn’t need and shouldn’t have an “assault weapon”. It was deeply insulting to be presumed morally incompetent. It was also quite eye-opening regarding the general contempt these people have for the rest of us.

    Ms. Kalb’s tweet provides an excellent illustration of how incompatible the socialist mindset is with American liberty. America is not about the government allocating or denying things to the people based on the state’s (or majority’s) assessment of their needs. In America, people are supposed to be free to identify their own needs and wants and work within the law to realize their dreams.

    • Reminds me of this quote I saved from a while ago:
      “I had a woman who was probably in her 70s, very sharp and alert; she came into the store and said, ‘I want an AR-15.’ I said, ‘Are you sure?’ She said, ‘Absolutely. Obama says I can’t have one, so I want one.'” — John Burrud, owner of gun store Jensen Arms, Loveland, CO.

  3. Fine… I’ll own an AR-10 then.
    Why go with a varmint round when I can go with designated medium to large game rounds.

  4. obviously, nobody needs an AR-15.

    after all, if you can’t get one of those you can almost always substitute any random semiauto hunting rifle in .223, or an AK clone, or an SKS, or a FAL, or…

    just admit it; that burning “need” you think you feel for an AR-15 is really just for some, any, reliable and manageably lightweight semiauto rifle in an intermediate caliber. it doesn’t have to be an AR, specifically. 😉

  5. So feeling like I need one is disqualifying.
    I only “want”one, therefore I am entitled to have one.
    On second thought, make it three. I like to shoot with friends at the range.

    As has been stated on this blog many times before, need has nothing to do with it.

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