Quote of the day—Bernie Sanders 2020‏ @Bernie2020X

You are literally promoting anti Semitism and white supremacy. Guns do not belong in the hands of private citizens. Shame on you.

Bernie Sanders 2020‏ @Bernie2020X
Tweeted on January 7, 2018
[This was in response to Maj Toure‏ @MAJTOURE tweeting the four rules of firearm safety.

Many anti-gun people literally do not have the ability to think logically. This is an example of that.

Don’t ever let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.—Joe]


11 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Bernie Sanders 2020‏ @Bernie2020X

  1. “Accuse others of what you do.”

    As he tells a black man that he has no right, that the constitution doesn’t apply to him, Sanders is establishing his bona fides as a Democrat, as a proud member of the party of slavery, of the Confederacy, the party of Eugenics and of the KKK. He’s a classic Roman. A Herodian. This is The Inquisition reasserting itself (as though it ever went away).

    He’s asserting his résumé as a candidate. So what’s new?

    If he thought about it just a little more, Sanders would proundly tell you that the constitution gets it’s power (such as it has any) only from, or through, his global alliance, and that they therefore may interpret it, alter it or abolish it as they deem necessary for the Common Good.

    Humble and unappreciated servants they are, to we goyum, we foolish little children. If they should have to kill a few million more people in that service, then feel sorry for them, and look up to them all the more, for behold how they suffer for all of us!

    If a black man be so bold as to loudly proclaim his separation from the Democrat Plantation, pray for his safety. No one hates anyone as much as they who claim ultimate authority hate a loud, public heritic.

  2. Well said Lyle. As for promoting anti-semitism, I would point the Senator to the history of his own people in Warsaw, circa April 19, 1943 to learn if promoting firearm ownership is anti-semitic or not. I would hazard a guess that in those desperate times, Jews in that ghetto wished for MORE guns not fewer.

    Claiming that firearms promote bigotry and therefore we must infringe on a basic human right, is sheer idiocy, crap for brains, or a very malevolent intent and proved that the senator, as Ben Shapiro delineates, is an ethnic Jew and not a religious one.

    It is my wish that this candidate realize that he can not win and stops campaigning.

    • No, let him run. He will just fracture the Democratic vote, which will help ensure they don’t get back in power.

  3. Looking at some of his other tweets it appears more like a troll parody account than anything else. If not I have to wonder how someone like that actually functions in regular society. But then again there probably being college educated.

    • Replying to my own post. Looking at those tweets more I don’t think “crap for brains” applies here. More like batshit insane. It reads like a strawman parody. This person isn’t living in the same reality normal people do.

      Since I’m already a gun owning conservative I wonder what normal people reading those would think.

  4. I’m assuming that “Bernie2020X” is not the Senator from Vermont. Bernie Sanders got elected, and re-elected, telling Vermont gun owners what they wanted to hear — and even stayed reasonably consistent with that on the national campaign trail in 2016.

    Saying that “guns do not belong in the hands of private citizens” requires an awful lot of ignorance…

    • Yes. That is pretty clear from reading his profile and a few tweets.

      Also of note is that he blocked me after my post went up. I have other Twitter accounts and can still read his crap but it’s yet another instance of “Reasoned Discourse“.

  5. A good answer (clearly expounded by Zelman) is this: Jews say “never again”, so why are you saying that they must be denied the tools to enforce that?

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