2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—tkdkerry

  1. “Guns are creepy!” says the authoritarian state, and they drill that perception into all who will listen. Naturally then, when a leftist gets hold of a gun he’ll think of doing something creepy with it. They’ll all think it, and some will actually do it.

    My wife did something similar. Years ago I left a percussion revolver out in the open in the bedroom, unloaded of course (what are you going to do with it, knowing nothing of the percussion system?). She was home alone and decided she needed to “test” me, so she cocked the hammer and pulled the trigger, inside the bedroom, “to see if you’d left it loaded”. I excoriated her for it of course, when she told me about it, and I told her in no uncertain terms that one NEVER does any such thing. She was raised in a leftist-activist household and retains some leftist nonsense to this day, and so it was bound to happen.

    Nelson was just following the playbook. It’s a form of mockery, if you understand. I believe that the Las Vegas shooter was doing something along the same lines. “You think owning guns is OK? Hah! I’ll show you assholes what gun ownership is about, and you’ll get what you deserve!”

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