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Nelson should be investigated right now for defrauding the state of Washington and he should be evaluated for his own safety and the safety of those around him. Someone get this man help and alert the King County Sheriff’s Office that Nelson has an invalid concealed carry permit. In the meantime, maybe we should start seriously considering making it much more difficult for Democrats to get their hands on guns.

Megan Fox
December 19, 2017
Why Leftists Should Not Be Allowed to Have Guns
[Read the article she based her post on. The range he got his training at and bought his gun is the range I go to most frequently. I know his instructor Brett.

But most importantly read the gems like this:

It was perhaps inevitable that the very first thing I did when I brought the gun home and was alone with it was to put it in my mouth. Unloaded at first, then loaded.

This guy is a real piece of work.—Joe]


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  1. Too bad he didn’t follow through, since that clearly would have improved the species.

  2. i’ve even been suicidal before, in my decades distant youth, and i’ve never done anything that dumb.

    then again, i’ve also never fallen prey to the sort of magical thinking that sets firearms aside as somehow uniquely dangerous and special. i know damn well i carry lethal force around every day, and i don’t carry a gun; i’m a competent adult and can make calamitous use out of improvised weapons, if i set my mind to it. it’s the mind that’s the real weapon, and mr. Nelson underestimates himself if he thinks he needs an oddly-shaped chunk of steel to kill.

    but that mistake seems to be the fundamental basis of the whole article; the assumption that firearms cause violence gets blatantly stated without support nor criticism. i suspect it’s one basis of the man’s entire worldview, to the point he might react aggressively to seeing it challenged. he already admits to feeling personally attacked by election results, after all, so he seems prone to taking things excessively personally.

    (i never thought i’d see the phrase “40-year blitzkrieg” used in earnest, by the way. talk about crossing metaphors.)

  3. 1. He is a journalist.
    2. Therefore he is probably making this s#!t up.
    3. Even if what he wrote is true, see #1, and ask yourself how his firearm inanity affects anyone else in the entire world.
    4. His inanity does not limit any else’s rights. Don’t let him get away with doing that.

  4. The leftist media are constantly throwing out post-hypnotic suggestions. Most will see the suggestions as evidence that media people are insane. Others will see the media narrative as reality, but will ignore the suggestions. A few of the more emotionally disturbed will act on the suggestions (and of course much of the media narrative is designed to disturb the emotions). Lather, rinse, repeat.

    It’s an effective system. Just don’t make the mistake of believing that all those involved in it are stupid or clueless or insane. Some of them are clever and evil, and know exactly what they’re doing.

  5. I believe that this is just another example of the willing blindness that the left indulges in repeatedly. That question about hospitalization for mental issues certainly could not apply to him, don’t you know? ” Mental illness can only afflict people that are not as enlightened, rational and smart as me”; would seem to be the rationalization even though he admitted to behaviors with his new firearm that can in no way be considered enlightened, rational or intelligent. Neither do people that are in command of all their faculties attribute human characteristics and emotions to objects. He used those words to describe his feelings and how he was thinking. Perhaps there is an additional question that should be added to the background check questionnaire, that being one designed to establish if a person ascribes anthropomorphic characteristics to an inanimate object. It reminds me of the occasion when my son-in-law’s sister was visiting. As the conversation evolved, she launched into a wildly passionate rant about how dangerous guns were and had no place in anyone’s home because of what they can do. Perhaps, some day, I’ll let her know that the gun on my hip that evening never made a single attempt to jump out of the holster.

  6. He put it in his mouth, huh? Is anybody surprised, given the left’s insistence that guns be equated with penises?

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