Quote of the day—Scott D. Dailard

The .50 caliber Desert Eagle has similarly destructive characteristics that distinguish it from other handgun cartridges. It is an enormously powerful, high-velocity, armor-piercing round manufactured for use in tank-mounted machine guns that has been adapted for use in a few foreign made handguns.

Scott D. Dailard
The Role of Ammunition in a Balanced Program of Gun Control: A Critique of Moynihan Bullet Bills
Journal of Legislation: Vol. 20: Iss. 1, Article 3.
[And this is just one of many reason why we despise anti-gun people doing “research”. They only have a vague idea of what they are talking about and/or deliberately lie. And, note the date, this has been going on for decades.—Joe]


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  1. That’s a pretty big failure in research. The writer appears to have been a recent law school graduate at the time. I wonder where his career has taken him since then.

    • With any luck, no where, as even the most desperate client would realize that their case is doomed with a lawyer that every judge and jury thinks is overflowing with male bovine excrement.

  2. Make no mistake about it; the leaders among the leftist/authoritarian movements know exactly what they are doing. Their lower ranks may be among the dumbest people on the planet (“mind-numbed” is a better term), but their mission isn’t to attract those in the know. I call them the Ignoratti, or the Ignoracrats, because they take advantage of young people, the ignorant, and the emotion-driven everywhere. It works very well for them.

    Technical accuracy need not, and for the most part cannot, be the major focus of the emotionally controlled life. A little sliver of truth here and there makes for the most effective narrative of lies, but too much truth begins to spoil the game. With all that in mind, they’re doing it just right. Mocking them for their stupidity, as easy, as justifiable and as much fun as it may be, I think is to miss the point.

    The Ignoratti control millions, even billions of people, in their war against truth. Surely they aren’t stupid. Evil, yes. Stupid? Certainly not!

    They own all the major government institutions, media, and the major “religions”. Who’s properly mocking whom then?

    Even right here, for a moment at least, we’re talking about them rather than the truth. In that sense the Ignoratti have co-opted our thoughts, our words and our time.

    They are the focus. Thus they win. You make a statement of indisputable truth, and you’re less likely to make the headlines, to make a stir. By that definition you’re not popular. Do or say something outrageous, even horrendous, and you’re all the buzz. People are either looking up to you or mocking you, but either way you and your message are the center of attention. Looking at it from the point of view of the Ignoratti then, you’re the failure and they’re the success.

  3. What, the .50 Desert Eagle doesn’t shoot around corners, following the contours of the earth as it relentlessly pursues its target?
    As long as he’s making stuff up from the Marvel or DC universe, why not go all the way? Besides, I know this is possible, I saw it in that documentary, Demolition Man.

  4. Huh. I was wondering what this reminded me of until I ran across an old thread elsewhere. It’s like the weebs in roleplaying game groups who insist that katanas are just far superior weapons.

  5. I remember having a similar discussion online with somebody. When they made that .50 AEG .50 BMG conflation, I sent them a picture of a 750 grain unloaded bullet next to a loaded. 500 S&w Magnum round.

    For those who haven’t seen the juxtaposition, the 750 grain projectile is larger than the full handgun cartridge.

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