Lack of real men = violence

The on-going “pussification” of America is leading to more violence, this time in schools.

There was a time when this would not have been possible. That was when the principle and superintendent were both World War II veterans. When I was in elementary school, the principal and sup. were nice guys. They liked kids. They looked out for things. They never had to prove it, physically, and that is critically important, but it was universally understood that they were in charge and could handle anything.

The very idea of having any kind of violence perpetrated by students against a teacher would have laughable. Utterly impossible, in fact. Sure, two boys might get into a scrap during recess, but it would soon be over. Even the old lady teachers could handle them. It was understood that there were men in charge, just within shouting distance, if they should be required. Thus a frail old woman could take a scrapping, healthy boy by the ear and set him down, and give him a talking-to about playground etiquette, and he’d never fight back. He’d sit and pay attention.

In our litigious, pussified, Progressive society however, in which the term “strong man” either means “tyrant” or it has given way to the term “strong woman”, there’s no one left to prevent the violence. Not in some of the more leftist, public schools anyway.

It’s a Lord of the Flies situation we’re building.

I’m not saying women can’t maintain order, just that it’s far less likely, the farther away the men get. Put women in charge, AND give them a Progressive, passive, left-wing “non-violent” mentality, and all hell’s going break loose. Fatherless boys in woman-run public schools are being raised for a life of violence and crime.

The government then becomes the “father”, but a loveless and tyrannical one. That, I believe, is the plan. We can therefore refer to that Harrisburg, PA school as a success.


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  1. Be interesting to know the ages and experience level of the teachers that quit, too. All of the teachers of my generation are either retired or of retirement age – teachers minted within the last 10-20 years have been subjected to the same educational system where everyone gets an award, and you don’t have to try to be a winner. When confronted with the slightest inconvenience – like a first grader who is acting out, they have neither the mental toughness nor the actual world experience to just deal with it.

    Of course, this is a generalization, and there are some great teachers. But the consequences of a way-too-permissive educational environment are coming back to roost.

  2. From June of 2004:

    “I was reading an article the other day, in the local newspaper, about an elderly Korean gentleman who has moved into town and opened a martial arts studio. He chastened the reporter who had come to interview him not to suggest that the martial arts were ‘all about fighting.’ ‘No!’ he said. ‘The purpose is social harmony.’ ”

    “That is exactly right. The secret of social harmony is simple: Old men must be dangerous.

    “Very nearly all the violence that plagues, rather than protects, society is the work of young males between the ages of fourteen and thirty. A substantial amount of the violence that protects rather than plagues society is performed by other members of the same group. The reasons for this predisposition are generally rooted in biology, which is to say that they are not going anywhere, in spite of the current fashion that suggests doping half the young with Ritalin.

    “The question is how to move these young men from the first group (violent and predatory) into the second (violent, but protective). This is to ask: what is the difference between a street gang and the Marine Corps, or a thug and a policeman? In every case, we see that the good youths are guided and disciplined by old men.”

    • My 15yo nephew is moving in with us, and while I wouldn’t necessarily call my myself old, I hope I’ve got what it takes to give that young man the guidance that his worthless mother and father didn’t.

      My grandparents took in my great aunt and one of her sons when her husband split way back when. He gave my cousin that guidance. I worry because when I look in the mirror I think I’ve got a long way to go to be half the man he was….

  3. In 1977, my high school principal in Charlotte, NC, was a 6’8″ tall black man nicknamed “Pop” Miller, an elderly, kindly, fatherly person. I learned he was a WWII veteran by accident. A student art exhibit included a rather well done pencil sketch of Ophelia from Hamlet, floating dead in the water after her suicide (yeah, high schoolers are morbid). It won a prize, and when Pop was asked if he liked it, he said vehemently, “No! It reminds me of the dead bodies floating off the beach at Normandy.” Pop explained he had been in an all-black graves registration platoon in 1944, and had spent a very long week or so clearing the dead off the beaches after the invasion. And that was how I learned Pop Miller was a veteran of WWII.

    I told you that story to tell you this one. I was in the admin office one day when Pop had a black student in his office, door closed but glass window showing the occupants. Our suburban whitebread school had been integrated by forced busing from a much less affluent black neighborhood of Charlotte just a few years before this, and we still got ghetto kids with attitude as students. The kid apparently said something offensive to Pop Miller, because Pop Miller backhanded the kid across his office and into the wall, after which the kid started nodding his head very fast and politely in agreement with whatever Pop was saying. The secretary at her desk outside his door heard the smash of the kid into the wall, just like I did, and yet didn’t bat an eye nor stop her typing. And that was how I learned where kindly, fatherly, gentle old Pop Miller got his nickname. It wasn’t because he was like a father to us all, it was because he’d pop you a good one if you crossed him.

    And that man is why so many kids both black and white from very different economic and social backgrounds graduated with good grades from our high school in Charlotte, NC, immediately after forced integration.

    Someday I’ll tell you about the assistant principals, who were allowed corporal punishment of students but who kept pressing for authority for capital punishment.

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