Quote of the day—Hope Jahren @HopeJahren

Every species on earth- past or present, from the single celled microbe to the biggest dinosaur, daisies, trees, people- must accomplish the same five things in order to persist: grow, reproduce, rebuild, store resources, and defend itself.

Hope Jahren @HopeJahren
April 2016
Lab Girl
[Via email from Stephan P. who wondered if Ms. Jaren is a firearms owner. I did a little research but I didn’t find any good hints.

See also Paul Koning’s repeated reminders that even mushroom “understand” self-defense:

This quote, which I presume is absolutely true, should be used to confront those who insist we should “just give them what they want” when someone demands our dignity and money or our life. We have a natural right to defend ourselves. To not use tools to do what is a natural right is to abandon our true nature—a tool using species doing what all species must do to persist, defend ourselves.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Hope Jahren @HopeJahren

  1. How can criminals and politicians (but I repeat myself) grow, reproduce and store resources if we infringe upon their right to do so by defending ourselves? Even parasites have rights! 🙂

    • 🙂

      Of course, at some point, there is a conflict of rights. For example, neither the wolf and the lamb nor the lamb and the grass, can all have their rights protected absolutely. They have a right to exercise their right to defend themselves. That doesn’t mean they will be guaranteed success. And so it is with the criminal. Their right to feed may lose out to their victims exercising their right to self defense.

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