Quote of the day—David Kopel

Germany in 1900 was one of the most tolerant places in the world for Jews; in any country, things can change a lot in a few decades.

Not every nation that adopts the latter policy ends up with genocide. Yet the historical record is clear that mass disarmament of citizens can be the gateway to millions of deaths by mass shooting.

David Kopel
November 9, 2017
Mass shootings in gun-free nations
[See also, Hitler’s Willing Executioners and Death by “Gun Control”: The Human Cost of Victim Disarmament.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—David Kopel

  1. Is that a warning, or a how-to manual for future Progressives in their on-going efforts to de-populate the Earth?

    Are you trying to dissuade people from the notion of citizen disarmament, or is this a selling point for more gun control?

    That depends entirely on the political affiliation of the reader, doesn’t it? Each side will be reinforced in their positions by reading that stuff. That’s its value; get people to make sure they know which side they’re on.

  2. you don’t need guns to kill people. i was talking to a guy who sold propane for a living. talk to him about what a 5 gallon container of propane will do. or, two gallons of gasoline.

    one way into the world. many ways out.

  3. “Today, there are far too many people on the political far left and far right who are openly hostile to civil liberty and to the Constitution. “

    There’s that cockamamie assertion again, saying that of you go far enough to the right, you end up at Fascism or Nazism or some such. Can someone explain to me how, if you love human rights and liberty “too much”, if you favor the hard limits on government authority that liberty requires, you end up being a “right-wing” leftist? The answer of course is “No”. No one can explain how that works, because it doesn’t work.

    The very notion is stupid. If you go “all the way” to the right, in fact you get to something more like Jesus.

    Don’t participate in the lie. When you refer to the “far right” as some tyrannical force, what you mean to say is “left”, or “authoritarian”.

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