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When conservatives appeal to “free speech,” it is actually a calculated political move, designed to open up avenues of political discourse while shaming others from moving in active political opposition. I argue that when conservatives resort to this move, they can be safely ignored, as they are appealing to a right that does not exist. In my belief, when conservative ideas are opposed, there is no right that is being infringed.

Ryan Born
September 25, 2017
Speech is free
[At first I though Born was setting up a straw man with “it is actually a calculated political move….”. But that hypothesis was blow away in the following sentence.

Born needs to retake a junior high class on U.S. government and receive a passing grade before attempting to have a conversation with adults. In the mean time don’t ever forget this is what many people on the political left think of specific enumerated rights.—Joe]


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  1. Poe’s Law honestly makes me wonder if we’re being punked here. Then again, I’ve seen dumber things spouted by sheltered college progressives.

    I admit, I really like the ‘if conservative arguments were strong and convincing, they wouldn’t draw opposition, and since they draw opposition they must be weak!’. If this isn’t circular logic at its finest, feel free to correct me, but holy crap… that makes my head hurt to try and think that way.

    A big shoutout to ‘Man With Axe’ for his systematic vivisection of little Ryan’s argument. Well done, sir.

  2. Of course, in most middle and HS classes these days, the standard line is that of course “free speech” allows speech that is objectionable or hateful or bigoted or offensive to be shut down, and they define “offensive” as “anything I’m offended by.”

    Not joking, guys. For real. That’s pretty much their “human dignity” policy in a nutshell, and that expression is ironically apt.

    • And they go to amazing lengths to ‘prove’ that it’s not shutting down free speech.

      ‘Oh, we’re not denying him his First Amendment rights! He’s just not allowed to talk about such things here.’

      What they want are fenced off areas, and then they can make the areas smaller and smaller.

        • And from the Redwood forests to the gulf stream waters. to quote someone who had a more expansive view of free speech and what it entailed than they do — and they probably still think he would be on their side.

    • A hateful speech exception is prima facie proof that the exception swallows the rule. Every utterance anywhere is offensive to someone.

  3. The left truly does not live in the same reality the rest of us do. They honestly believe that the First Amendment freedom of speech protections apply ONLY TO THEM and NOT to anyone else they don’t agree with. They also believe that the Second Amendment does NOT mean what the words say but ACTUALLY means that the government ( the government THEY INTEND TO CONTROL) is allowed to restrict weapons ownership in any way desired. Among the other insanities they suffer from they believe it’s possible for a country to tax it’s way to out of poverty. They believe that violence THEY engage is holy, righteous and legal yet if the target of their violence defends themselves then it is a crime and evil incarnate.

    They believe that NOTHING is to
    invasive or abusive to impose on society if it ‘saves just one child’ while at the exact same time they believe that women can murder fetuses ANYTIME THEY WISH with impunity. Some would even extend the right to ‘terminate a pregnancy to the POST natal period. In short liberalism/leftism is a form of insanity and embracing it is prima facie evidence that someone is insane and
    a danger to themselves and others.

    • As Tam said a little while back, actions of the left are speech, and speech of the right are actions.

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