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Antifa members should read historians of Nazi Germany, like Laurie Marhoefer of the University of Washington, who writes that anti-fascist street fighters who greeted a Nazi rally with violence thought that they had won by disrupting a rally and fighting its speakers back in 1927. They sent a message that “Fascism was not welcome.” But instead, “events like the rally in Wedding [a Berlin district] helped the Nazis build a dictatorship.” The Reds got media attention, but it led to escalating street violence, all of which helped the Nazis, who painted themselves “as the victims of a pugnacious, lawless left.”

Leftist violence in the 1930s in Germany led many to support the Nazis in the hope they would put an end to the continuing street brawls and violence. Today, the antifa left may even help to get Donald Trump reelected in 2020.

Ronald Radosh
September 11, 2017
‘Emergency Brake’ Antifa Says It’s Fighting Fascists. It Just Might Be Helping to Re-Elect Donald Trump.
[The political left is violent by nature.

This prediction is consistent with what I have said before.—Joe]


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  2. I tell everyone, even the blind leftists, that this looks like the brawling in the streets of Germany in 1930 between the Nazis and the Communists, the Brownshirts and the Blackshirts (not that they with their inadequate education know what the Blackshirts are)..

  3. Of course, the other thing that the relatively ignorant Antifa’s don’t realize is that their benefactors and financial supporters are totally using them as pawns – to be discarded or eliminated once they have served their purpose. The Night of the Long Knives comes to mind.

  4. Of course, the European political spectrum of “right” to “left” occupies a very narrow slice of the left in the American spectrum. They don’t have the terminology (nor the moral constitution) to describe the American principles of liberty with the requisite hard limits on government.

    Then again, many Americans have no idea either, which is why we see some people refer to Nazis (German National Socialist Worker’s Party) as Fascists (a party of Italian Marxists), and they take the conflation of those two parties and refer to them as “right wing”. That’s the American far left pot calling the kettle black, but they don’t know it.

    So it is that some correction is required;
    An authoritarian is an authoritarian, whether he calls himself a King, a chancellor, a Marxist, a Leveler, a President, the fucking Pope, a Grand Cyclops, a Republican, a Democrat or whatever misleading term is in fashion on a given day.

    An American, on the other hand, loves liberty and justice for all. Therefore he rejects all forms of authoritarianism no matter the claims, names, pretenses, excuses or threats (always threats) used to promote them. He recognizes them immediately and can reject them immediately as the lies they are. This of course requires courage, love, strength and a cool head.

    Jesus probably said it best, though it is so simple that few will be able to grasp it, and Jesus is so controversial, and his name has been attached to so much baggage that half of you will stop right here and read no more. He said;

    “The Kings of the Gentiles exercise lordship over them, and they that exercise authority are called benefactors. Ye shall not be so…”

    All the various flavors of, and excuses for, political authority (coercive power) are of the kind Jesus refers to. Those that exercise authority expect to be seen as our benefactors, and we fall for it more often than not. In truth they are common criminals with a Grand Excuse or a Grand Pretense to back their claims to authority. It’s for the children, don’t you know. It’s an emergency. It’s for Public Health. It’s for taking care of the poor and the downtrodden. It’s for National Security, etc., etc., etc., etc. We reject the excuses, we reject the pretenses, and their “authority” becomes nothing.

    Tyranny then requires our agreement and participation, without which it fails to exist on any large scale. That agreement always starts with our embracing of lies. We love lies. They’re beautiful, at least if you ignore the coercion. We love coercion (a criminal offense) so long as there’s a beautiful or scary lie excusing it.

    We’ll even decide to look at wholesale theft, bankrupting millions of people and their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, so long as we can twist ourselves into thinking of it as a charity. Thus, when people build in flood zones, and the flood zones flood, we’ll accept, or even demand, the extortion of billions of dollars to ensure that more people can build more in more flood zones so the death toll (and the financial toll) will be worse the next time around. It’s “beautiful”. It’s “compassionate”. And it’s a crime.

    But it’s such a compelling lie that we’ll fall for it every time. “People are in need” after all.

    It makes it easy for us. Rather than practice charity where and when needed, we’ll stand aside and let the “Authorities” practice wholesale coercion propped up with wholesale fraud, serving themselves (being hailed as “benefactors”), and we’ll call THAT charity. Thus we turn something good and beautiful into something ghastly and deadly.

    Right or left? If you’re an authoritarian you can call yourself either one, depending on current company (because you’re also a sociopath). It doesn’t matter because you’ll call yourself anything other than the weak, twisted, fooled criminal ally, and enemy of America, that you really are.

  5. Pretty sure this “reading” thing is not one of the antifa members’ strengths.

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