Quote of the day—Brien Lundin

If they don’t want you to know about it, if they don’t want you to own it, you probably should.

Brien Lundin
August 14, 2017
If They Don’t Want You To Own It, You Probably Should
[Lundin was talking about gold, but my first thought was more along the lines of explosives, guns, and ammo.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Brien Lundin

  1. “They” (of the the authoritarian, power-hungry mindset) want you to be a racist, violent, greedy idiot, criminal too, so they can better justify their hatred for you and feel better about themselves attacking you.

    Careful what you use as a metric for right and wrong. Be hated for the right reasons. Do what’s truly right and they’ll hate you plenty (or all the more) anyway.

    • Ayn Rand, through the words of one of the authoritarian characters in Atlas Shrugged, said it particularly well. They need you to break some of their laws so they can use that against you. This is why there are so many laws that not a single person in the country knows what the law actually is. This is why there are so many laws prohibiting things for which there is no valid reason.

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