7 thoughts on “Dot Torture take 2

        • 5 shots, weak hand. Yes, I would expect that one to be the most difficult for me as well.

        • Back in the mid 90’s I was shooting at the local “Thursday Night Pistol League”, they frequently would have a strong-hand/weak-hand string of fire and I got tired of sucking at it so badly. I did a bunch of dry fire and then put several hundred live rounds downrange weak hand only. I then no longer had a problem with weak hand shooting. And when I shot at the USPSA Area 1 championship in 1998 I did better than a fair number of GMs on the stage with a bunch of weak hand shooting.

          This also served me well when shooting around barricades with a rifle (and occasionally pistol). Be a left-handed shooter on the left side of a barricade and right-handed shooter on the right side.

          If I were to game Dot 8, I would shoot it first and if I didn’t like it, throw that target away and put up a clean target. I would then repeat until I got a perfect Dot 8, then shoot the other dots with that clean target. How did you do it?

          • Shot ’em in order. I always do, it’s habit.

            Even though I’m actually a left-hander, so WHO-shooting is where I suddenly shine, Dot 8 is the highest pressure dot of the drill. I’m usually already a little wobbly from concentrating, and so there’s a sort of “Around the Horn” component to Dot 8.

            If I’m clean up to that point, and clean Dot 8, then 9 & 10 are just a downhill coast.

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