Dot Torture

Last week Say Uncle linked to the Dot Torture target. Paul Koning sent me an email about it too, so I printed out a few and tried it today at five yards:


It’s tough. Those are 2” circles. I can usually do a 1.5” six shot group at 10 yards. But that is a group size, not putting them inside a 1.5” circle. And that is six shots, not 50 shots. Just going from six shots to 50, with the same base accuracy, bumps my group size from 1.5” to 2.57” (Modern Ballistics will tell you this if you speak to it nicely). Then you have to make sure you are centered exactly in the circle.

I adjusted my sights after shooting the #1 dot which helped. I still dropped two.

I think I can clean it at five yards. I’ll try again when I’m not intent on working on shooting faster.


4 thoughts on “Dot Torture

  1. Looks like you cleaned 1, maybe 3, 5, 6 and 8 and maybe 9. So you’re over halfway there already.

    A friend set up a similar target in his garage for air pistol, and made up a game similar to 8-ball, or volleyball, in that you keep shooting until you miss. Then the other guy shoots until he misses’ etc., until all the dots have been shot at five times. It is therefore possible, in theory, for one player to “run the table”, so to speak, and take all the points. It’s a lot of fun for two to three players.

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