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Each month when I write about our right to keep and bear arms, it’s difficult to predict what the state of play will look like by the time this article hits your mailbox. This is especially so when it comes to the dizzying array of fake news from an opposition that is not only increasingly desperate but also increasingly detached from reality.

This time, however, The Washington Post made it easy. In July, the Post published a story that is so ridiculous, so outlandish in its shading of the truth, that it may very well take its place alongside Rolling Stone’s timelessly ludicrous “expose” on America’s five most dangerous guns (i.e., pistols, revolvers, rifles, shotguns, and derringers). The story ran under the headline: “Gun-control advocates pushed back a tough year at the state level, and they’ll take the win.”  The basic premise of the Post article is that gun control is “winning” because it’s not losing as badly as it conceivably could.

That’s right. According to The Washington Post—maybe America’s second-most prominent nationwide newspaper—“gun control” is “winning” at the state level in 2017.

The Post article glosses over the fact that the ratio of pro to anti-gun bills actually signed into law at press time was 20:1. Only in the modern era of fake news running amok would that ratio result in the clear loser proclaiming victory and the media reporting it as true.

Chris Cox
August 25, 2017
Gun Control Advocates, Cheered on by the Media, Claim Victory in Losing
[This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. We’ve know for a long time anti-gun people can’t even do numbers, let alone arithmetic.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Chris Cox

  1. The only truth to their claim is that every gun control law is an an abuse and an infringement and thus a small victory against my rights in this zero-sum game.

  2. I can’t back it up with empirical data, but I believe we spend too much time focusing on, and responding to, the crazy people, the criminal class, the angry losers, communists, cheaters, schemers, troublemakers, sociopaths, racists, et al.

    By that fact alone, it would mean we’ve de facto put them in charge. We think that we’re fighting them while, in making them so important to us, we’re elevating them to a status they could never achieve without us.

    Have you ever seen a family in which the kids are constantly getting the parents to respond them by acting out in negative or inappropriate ways? You try to talk to the parents about it and you’ll only get responses of the type; “But what am I supposed to do? He keeps acting out and I just get so frustrated…” and it never gets better.

    Weak, emotional parents who choose to compete with their kinds, or fear them rather than instruct them and guide them by example, are the singular cause of a dysfunctional family. Fail to enforce the standards of decency and you will be ruled (eventually killed) by the indecent.

    IT IS NOT THE FAULT OF THE CHILDREN though of course they suffer as much as anyone, and more than some.

    That’s exactly what I believe is going on at a national and global scale.

    • Sane, reasonable people rarely do anything I have to respond to. They leave me alone, and vice-versa. The crazy, power-hungry sociopaths we call politicians are always grasping for more power, and it’s not (generally) legal to shoot them and solve the problem. So, we have to fight with them constantly.

      But yes, it would be nice to just get the government to just leave us alone to solve out own problems.

  3. The liberals shriek about anything that isn’t going their way. Remember when the unfeeling Republicans were going to gut Social Security? The truth was that they wanted slightly less of an increase in benefits than the Dems did.

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