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If we are unlucky, we won’t see meaningful change and this existential crisis will drive us into authoritarianism.  The form of this authoritarianism depends on which network wins.  If the bad boy network dominates, we could see a dictator like Putin (or much worse) climb the ladder of chaos by scapegoating and purging enemies of the state.  If the mean girl network gains control, we could see intersectional identity (all identities are in a perpetual struggle for dominance akin to Communist class warfare) mutate into an ideology that violently purges groups of people who become obstacles to progress.  In their extreme forms, both of these outcomes could create big piles of bodies.

John Robb
August 23, 2017
American Politics: Bad Boys vs. Mean Girls
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—John Robb

  1. Or it is a standoff leading to a civil war and a truly massive pile of bodies.

  2. who are the bad boys? most of these twerps in politics and in the media couldn’t swat a fly without puking. and, the bad girls? gimmee a break. they are ribs w/ titties, and mostly brainless.

    these are not adversaries. the people who do the nasty work are adversaries, but, they are just piece work labor, and would work for whoever pays them the most.

    the true source of trouble is that most of us, are as orianna fallaci said, “mollusks.” a few of these bodies, as you put it, laid at the proper doorsteps would bring an end to this perpetual bullshit in the twink of an eye. these people have no appetite for “wet work,” unless done by the hirelings. when they start taking fire themselves, and as george c. scott said in the opening scene of patton, and they turn to see their friend and find his brains plastered all over the landscape they will tire of anything serious pretty quickly.

    personally, in a civil war, i favor my side. 3 to 1.

    john jay

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