Quote of the day—Mary Bayer @marybayer3

You have to take that sort of moderate, “We just wanna have commmon sense legislation so our children are safe!”

You say shit like that, and then people will buy into it.

Mary Bayer @marybayer3
DNC delegate
July 25, 2016
[See also a shorter version at Say Uncle. I chose this one because it shows her stealing the sign of the people who made the video (the police recovered it from her and returned it to the owners). This demonstrates private property means nothing to her, the First Amendment means nothing to her, and, obviously, the Second Amendment is nothing more than a minor obstacle.

From PVertias Action who made the video:


After being included in a tweet about the video she then contacted the police saying that she is being harassed.

Don’t ever let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.

As the video says at the end:

Now we know what Hillary Clinton and the Democrats mean when they say, “Common Sense Gun Legislation”…

We’ve known this for decades, but it’s nice to have them saying it on video.—Joe]


7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Mary Bayer @marybayer3

  1. Never quite understood how quoting what you said and obviously believed could be construed as “harassment.” It’s almost like they want reality to be no defense against an accusation. Rather Orwellian… Or would that be Kafka? The Onion has nothing on the Dems for satire, or absurdity.

    • In fairness, she may legitimately be being harassed on account of coming out and saying that she legitimately wants to unilaterally abolish Americans’ rights, and is willing to lie, cheat, and steal to accomplish that goal.

      Odds are not good, but it could happen.

  2. Appropriate levels of harassment for this witch would involve tar, feathers, and a railroad tye.

    • A railroad tie wouldn’t be that uncomfortable compared to the traditional fence rail.

  3. She should be harassed in the same way as Melissa Click, of the Mizzou, “Can we get some muscle over here” fame. Petty totalitarians, and they should be outed, shamed, and made unemployable.

    • In other words, use the same tactics the left uses against anyone not sufficiently far left? Sounds good.

      • When you conspire to deprive people of their rights, yes. Absolutely.

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