Quote of the day—Tam

Wow, Mark, that was nearly wrong in every particular! It bordered on fractally wrong, in that every little piece, taken by itself, was as wrong as the whole.

December 7, 2014
[I read Mark Morford’s troll piece and briefly considered blogging about it. But I prefer to blog about things that either no one has noticed yet or that I have a quasi-unique viewpoint on. And this piece has been well covered by many others. This is just a small sample:

I had completely dismissed it as blog material. Morford is just too easy of a target and I have dealt with him at length before. Then I read the last sentence I quoted above of Tam’s. Wow!

I have seen this sort of thing many times before but didn’t have a name for it. Fractally wrong. I like it. I like it a lot.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Tam

  1. Morford’s the guy who, shortly before the 2008 election, called Obama a “Lightworker,” claiming that he was some sort of enlightened superhuman.

    I wrote him asking if he could provide examples of other lightworkers in history, but of course he never responded.

  2. I stopped when I got to “as it were” in the very first sentence.

    Anybody who writes that pretentiously deserves to remain unread.

  3. Fractally wrong. That is good, and it’s not uncommon– If your allegience is to the Dark Side, you’re getting your information from the Dark Side and you’re getting your reasoning process and judgement criteria from the Dark Side. Your input is wrong, your operating system is wrong and loaded down with malware, and all your applications are wrong. You’ll be fractally wrong.

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