Unbelievable ignorance of the anti-freedom crowd

Rob Schrimshaw from Indiana Partnership to Prevent Firearm Violence (which as near as I can tell doesn’t have a website) is clueless about firearms.  He claims

“I think the effectiveness was questionable when the ban was originated in 1994. It was intended to ban all different types of assault weapons. The manufacturers kind of circumvented those regulations with design modifications so these weapons that are still on the market today still have the ability to fire rapidly, still highly accurate, still can shoot over a tremendous distance and actually can carry a higher, more powerful caliber of bullet as well,” said Rob Schrimshaw, Indiana Partnership to Prevent Firearm Violence.

What “assault weapon” is he talking about?  If you know much of anything about firearms the answer will floor you.  This is the lead up to that paragraph:

The groups are holding a news conference Tuesday. They will focus on high-powered rifles like the SKS assault rifle used by Kenneth Anderson in last Wednesday’s deadly gun battle.

The SKS???  First off the SKS is not an assault rifle (fully automatic).  But that was the reporter saying that.  I tend to give them some slack on that somewhat fine point.  Every statement Mr. Schrimshaw made about this rifle is false.  If he is to be taken seriously by anyone he should know something about what he is talking about.  He doesn’t appear to know anything.

  1. It was not modified to avoid the “assault weapon ban”.  It was never covered by the Clinton Gun Ban.  It was not specifically mentioned and it does not have the “ugly features” required by the ban to qualify.
  2. It cannot be fired any more rapidly than any other semi-automatic firearm.  In fact, it has such a long, hard trigger pull that it can’t be fired as rapidly as most.
  3. It is not “highly accurate“.  It is the most inaccurate rifle I know.
  4. It cannot shoot over tremendous distance.  It shoots a light weight (123 to 125 grain) .30 caliber bullet at a velocity that is on the low end of normal for a rifle (about 2300 fps).  The light weight bullet, for that caliber, combined with a low velocity means the range is far below normal.  And because it is so inaccurate as the range increases the usefulness of the rifle goes to zero.
  5. It does not “carry a higher, more powerful caliber of bullet”.  .30 caliber bullets are very ordinary.
  6. The cartridge used by the SKS, 7.62×39, is considered medium-powered at best.

But what do you expect?  The truth?  If they were to tell the truth then no one be interested in their agenda.  Only by telling falsehoods (I hesitate to say lie because he may simply be grossly ignorant) can they gain any traction.