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Guns are, socially and ethically, devastating. Worthless. They add nothing of positive, intrinsic value to a culture, a people, a country. They only diminish, destroy, display an awesome sense of malformed ego and disastrously warped humanity.

Too much? Too far? Not really. I’m sure you already sense that all those cartoonish action movies, thuggish hip-hop songs, clunky old westerns, ultra-violent video games and the racks of high-caliber weaponry over at Cabela sporting goods and the local gun show – all of which we’ve been led to believe are so essential to our national identity – none of them offer anything of deep worth to the culture; no authentic masculinity, no real patriotism, no genuine power or strength or class. Heart, soul or integrity? Don’t be absurd.

It’s all a vulgar illusion, Hollywood glitter-bombing, manufactured mythology in service of shameless capitalism and a false, bloody American ideology that’s never served us well and only made us the ugly, violence-drunk stepchild of the civilized world. Don’t you already know?

Here is the truth: Guns are pain. Guns are impotence masquerading as virility, shame masquerading as valor, the devil disguised as an outrageously misinterpreted chunk of the Constitution that was never meant to suffer what the fat lords of the gun lobbies have made it suffer.

Mark Morford
December 18, 2012
Death to all guns
[H/T to Sean Y. for the email.

It would appear to me Mr. Morford has not read why the gun is civilization. Or perhaps could not comprehend it through his fog of hate.

The title doesn’t make sense. That is; unless you substitute “gun owners” for “guns”. It seems to work in the body of the rant as well. I’m pretty sure that is what he really meant.—Joe]


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  1. I’ve never been into drugs. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve developed a chemical imbalance in my brain that makes even a light buzz from alcohol unpleasant, but my disdain for mind altering substances is a personal one. You want to freebase Flintstone’s Vitamins? Tell Fred and Wilma I said “hi”.

    Because I’ve always turned down drugs, when I was younger my friends who did partake in such activities would ask me to drop by while they tripped / got stoned / etc. since they knew I’d remain sober and could watch out for any trouble (I was the designated sober-guy!).

    One thing I remember, especially from those on LSD, were the way their language changed. How they found deep, introspective meaning in *everything*. The leaves of a plant held fascinating information that they commented on in detail. The interesting thing was how everything they said was English, and *almost* made sense.

    I have read Mark Morford since I started blogging in ’04 since he has provided right leaning blogs endless entertainment. His writing reads *exactly* like my friends’ prose while on LSD. It sounds like English, you can tell there’s sentience between the commas and quotation marks, but it doesn’t actually mean anything since the writer is not in his right mind. I believe Morford has consumed so many mind altering substances that he is unable to maintain a grasp on reality.

    It shows in his writing.

    • Heh. He has a thousand dollar vocabulary and five cents worth of thought to write about. Those are words that he is stringing together, yet he has nothing to say.

      The saddest thing of all: He’ll probably decide to write a book.

      • I think you exaggerate a little on the thousand dollar vocabulary and your speculation about the book might be a little weak but you know, you just improved your standing with me a whole bunch.

        Thank you.

    • I’ve been around a lot of the same people; I agree.

      “He can compress the most words into the smallest ideas of any man I ever met.”
      – Abraham Lincoln

  2. Hey, at least he wants to disarm the military and all the cops, too. I mean, since Guns are, socially and ethically, devastating. Worthless. They add nothing of positive, intrinsic value to a culture, a people, a country. They only diminish, destroy, display an awesome sense of malformed ego and disastrously warped humanity.

    • Except I would guess he thinks “authorized persons” are just fine with all of the firearms. The reality is, when he gets robbed/murdered by a street thug, or herded into a boxcar for transport to a re-education center, maybe his viewpoint might change.

      I’d like him to try this line with women who resisted rape with a firearm or parents who protected their family from a home invasion when the police are half an hour away.

      • Oh, and why isn’t he writing to us in German or Japanese?

        If we had no guns, WWII would have turned out a bit different. These people with the disease of severe pacifism/wimpiness are defective in the head.

      • Braden, there’s nothing in the years of seeing his droppings splattered over the Interweb tubes that makes me believe he has a firm grasp on reality. He’d be the type to compliment the box car train’s punctuality and how it was provided freely by the government while he voluntarily got on board.

  3. Usually they try to compartmentalize issues so as to maintain some semblance or illusion of reasonableness, but Mark Morford has done us a favor by indicating, once again, that hatred of our Bill of Rights and hatred of capitalism are in fact one in the same thing.

    But anyone who understands and loves liberty would already know that.

  4. Please allow me to point out for Mr Morford that the civilized world he refers to has been responsible for more deaths of innocents than the US can ever be accused of, have we forgotten Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union and various other ethnic cleansing ? Civil is hardly the word to be used. I will also point out that these same institutions along with ALL other governments are profoundly enamored of guns with which they have pursued these very policies. If Morford were any kind of student of history, he would be forced to admit that the outlawing of firearms from the People does not lessen the killing. When the People are disarmed it will be as always that the killing has just begun. People of Morford’s limited intellect should be sterilized to keep their taint from spreading .

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