Check your spreadsheet for errors

J. Wheeler says,

Gun control may not be enough to stop every senseless killing in this country, but a ban on assault weapons is immediate and it’s free…

Wheeler miscalculated.

What about the tens of millions of existing “assault weapons” in private hands? There are only three options that I can see with perhaps some minor variations:

  1. They are grandfathered and will exist for decades and hence any effect is not immediate.
  2. Taxpayers will be required to purchase them from the existing owners. This will cost billions even if the existing owners cooperated. And that is a very big if.
  3. Confiscation without compensation is unconstitutional in more than one way. And the cost… well, just let’s say the costs will be incalculable.

4 thoughts on “Check your spreadsheet for errors

  1. They are grandfathered but they cannot be sold or transferred.

    This won’t affect you or others who own these guns, but 20 years from now, a 19 year old holding one will be in clear violation of the law because he wasn’t around when the law was passed.

  2. What’s an assault weapon? [sarcastic]

    No such thing exists! If so, they are stacked right next to the unicorns and Bigfoot. They are simply scary looking rifles that function identically to other rifles that have some cosmetic differences. One trigger pull, one shot. Not automatic fire weapons.

    So, any “AWB” is merely attacking a set of firearms for their appearance and this has got to be shot down as a ridiculous and unconstitutional law.

    Don’t give them an inch. Absolutely no compromise with these socialist scum.

  3. No compromise on this one. They tried their little social experiment back in 1994 and it was proven to have no effect – let’s fight them with known, proven facts this time. Let’s put THEM in the compromise and hot seat. Maybe it’s time to push for repeal of GCA ’68. 🙂

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