Quote of the day—Senator Charles Schumer

We have foot soldiers everywhere answering the foot soldiers of the NRA and the gun owners of America, and I am telling you, we are going to win this fight a lot sooner than you think.

Senator Charles Schumer
April 20, 2013
Schumer Cheers On Gun Control Advocates In Midtown
[Dream on.

Our activists outnumber theirs 100 to 1. We have the facts on our side. We have the Bill of Rights on our side. And most importantly we have rational people on our side (compared to Joan Peterson and many others).—Joe]


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    • And, handily enough, most of the statists live where there are plenty of lampposts. . .

  1. Is it too much to ask to see him end up like the character based on him in Unintended Consequences?

  2. Those “protestors” he is standing with are connected with the Obama campaign. All astroturf, no substance.

  3. One other little difference…their foot soldiers are goose-stepping, brown-shirt wearing fascists. Their goal is the disarmament of the citizens since apparently we cannot be trusted and might get “uppity” with our superiors, our betters, the elite. They are fully comfortable with the use of force, including violence. It is just not a polite request from the SWAT team or the ATF raiders when they come to enforce un-Constitutional gun laws.

    Senator Chuckie had better pull his head out of his posterior and read a copy of the Constitution. It will be a first for him and since it is not a picture book, he will need some help. Of course, the Democrat attitude that reading legal documents like Obamacare (ACA) and the Constitution is too much trouble shows why they are incompetent and undeserving of their positions.

    Only my enemy wants me disarmed.

    Never Again!
    Molon Labe!

  4. The only reply of consequence is “we have most of the guns”….

    And that is because fundamentally it boils down to one simple
    fact….the bad people in power WILL NOT STOP. They will
    continue to do bad things to us until we stop them…. and stopping
    them will require the use of force. All other discussion on the
    matter is window dressing.

    • Perhaps I’m cynical, and I’m certainly discouraged ( despite our adances in recent years ), but +1 on this. Reason doesn’t really matter, since more people than not seem to be emotion-driven. Facts are upheld only by reason, and the Bill of RIghts don’t really matter, since they hold only that power that the people are willing to insist on and defend. In the end, force will be the telling factor, and hopefully it will be limited to them getting stung enough times when they over-reach, not something larger.

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  6. Their foot soldiers include jihadists too. Obama, the Progressives, socialists, communists, and jihadists- They are soul mates. Natural allies. And so we see that terms like “Islamist” have been removed from the lexicons of government and media entities. They think that together they can bring down the U.S.

    Maybe they can. We’re so busy obsessing on minutiae, persuing pleasures and arguing amongst ourselves, that we don’t see what’s coming.

    Then again, only a very small percentage of the population was involved in the American revolution, in which the most powerful military in the world was defeated by starving farmers. It has been said the good will always overcome evil. But are we good enough? I don’t know.

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