I have to laugh

Socialism. It’s made of FAIL:

The state budget deficit has nearly doubled in the past two months, climbing past $15 billion, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger disclosed Monday.

The sober news comes a week before a May 19 statewide vote on a set of ballot budget-related measures that, if defeated, would push the deficit past $21 billion, Schwarzenegger warned in a letter to legislative leaders.

It was Socialism that brought about the collapse of the U.S.S.R. It will be socialism that brings about the collapse of the California government. And I’ll not be surprised if it brings down the U.S. government as well.

And as painful as it will be to most people I’ll still laugh because I’m not above saying “I told you so.” And I’ll have all the food, clean water, and the guns and ammo to defend it while the socialist “intellectuals” are unable to find a way to dispose of their own waste in a sanitary manner let alone find water or food fit for consumption. They can tell me, again, how important, how right, how justified they are in their cities as they cry themselves to sleep with an empty stomach, in their own filth, in the dark.


5 thoughts on “I have to laugh

  1. Yes, and until the day they die (good riddance), they’ll STILL be complaining about “Not Fair”, and wanting you to GIVE them, unearned, what you worked so hard for. Bah!

  2. And Schwarzenegger ran as a conservative. He was going to stop the waste and the onerous restrictions, stopping the exodus of capital from the state, blah blah blah. All empty words designed to get votes. All just a game. That is exactly the kind of phony Republican we can do without. Forever.

    Oh, but don’t worry about California– we’re going to bail them out. Yeah; we, the people who didn’t vote the California socialism into existence, we who made better choices, we who have been warning them all along that this would happen if they didn’t wake up, are going to be forced to pay for their bad choices.

    Joe; you’re downfall scenario is exactly what the radical left has wanted for a long time. Civilization itself (man’s creative mind) is their target. Their hatred for it overcomes any fear they might have of the future. What matters now is that their hate is given some release. Just as Jihad seeks to create chaos to bring about some new age of wonderfulness when Islam will rule the world, so too does the left in general seek to tear down the fabric of society, which they see as a cancer on the face of Mother Earth. Marx spoke of this also– a downfall before The Glorious Rebuilding. It’s pure religion, in a bad way. I’ve called it a death cult in the past, and I stand behind that.

  3. And what about the “Compassionate Conservative” George Bush? Did you somehow forget about his spending? I’m sure you realize that the entire Iraq War was put on a credit card.

    California’s deficit is puny compared to the US deficit.

  4. I linked to a graph of the Federal deficit. And it included the deficit created under the Bush administration.

    And it wasn’t just the war that created the deficit. Had all the spending on things not specifically enumerated as following under Federal power by the constitution (such as waging war is) been eliminated the Feds would have had a surplus instead of a deficit during those years.

    Republicans are just “socialists light”, not “the good guys”.

  5. why is it that any criticism of stupidity garners a defense of it in the manner of “Bush did it too”.

    Oh well then, I guess we are supposed to say “you are right and we must be wrong, today’s stupidity is perfectly acceptable.” Do these vacuum heads really think that is an intelligent response that will garner them a victory in debate of the issues?

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