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If President Obama has ruled out a revival of the Assault Weapons Ban, he should at least use his political capital to redefine the issue of gun control. As a Chicago resident, he must be acutely aware of the toll of reckless gun use. As a party leader, Obama may be keen to renew an old party tenet through an electorally important lens. Perhaps even the term, “gun control,” should be overhauled. Democracies and, ultimately, the people, thrive on adversarial conversations on public policy. Despite disagreements on the efficacy or constitutionality of such restrictions, the nation is being done a disservice if at least one party doesn’t question the role of non-sporting guns in our society and their limited state of regulation. At the very least, the families of the thousands of dead due to gun violence deserve an honest debate.

Alex Levine
May 12, 2009
The gun control debate must be re-framed as a pro-security issue
[There are at least three things which Mr. Levine fails to recognize. 1) The anti-gun people lose big time from that view point as well; 2) The anti-gun people lose big time in any honest debate; and 3) The anti-gun people have been renaming their objectives, their names, and “reframing” the debate for decades and each time they were identified for what they were–wolves in sheep’s clothing and anti-gun bigots.

In my comment I asked Just One Question, but I don’t expect an honest answer.–Joe]


One thought on “Quote of the day–Alex Levine

  1. “As a Chicago resident, he must be acutely aware of the toll of reckless gun use”- said a stupid person whom I will not call by name due to my reluctance to ridicule the mentally impaired.

    Does he not know that Chicago does not allow guns in city limits? So, is he lying? Or is he trying to get Obama to declare gun control a failed policy using Chicago as a perfect example? Or is he just as stupid as I think (hence my protection of his identity) and somehow doesn’t realize that the absolute refutation of his position is the very example he cites as validation of his position?

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