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To be completely transparent about the Homeland Security Assessment titled “Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment” which I first saw at Kevin’s place. I didn’t see what the big deal was about it. The left has been saying I was a threat to humanity since I purchased my first gun, a SKS, back in December ’93 right after President Clinton (and her husband) were elected. I live in Idaho, so of course I’m considered a sexist, racist, bigot who would get violent now that we have a president who is of (one quarter) African descent. Never mind I would have cheered until I was hoarse if were Condoleezza Rice who had been elected President.

The “assessment” looked perfectly reasonable to me. What’s the big deal? It’s politics as usual. I’ve read enough garbage DHS reports and draft reports and given feedback on reports that never made it to the public that I don’t have any illusions about their ability to think their way out of a paper bag let alone be able to connect with reality.

But some people figured it was a forged document. I looked at it and didn’t see anything which indicate forged to me. Sure, the best lie is one that you want to believe. But the left wants to believe that too. They could just be lying to themselves. [shrug] Whatever. It’s kind of amusing. The irony is a bit funny.

I haven’t been paying all that much attention to what people have been saying about it. I’ve been very busy working on domination of the galaxy and planning to make a couple thousand pounds of explosives and gathering up a couple hundred people with guns for next weekend. Why should I care about what DHS says? It doesn’t really apply to me doesn’t? Surely they couldn’t have been thinking of me when they wrote it.

I did get an email from CCRKBA on the topic which I think is worth sharing. The came out with a news release with a line that made me smile:

“It’s ironic,” Gottlieb concluded, “that President Obama’s friend, William Ayers, is a leftwing terrorist bomber, but nothing in this report suggests monitoring his activities.”


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  1. Good points. I thought about howling over it in my own post, but never worked up the energy.

    You remind me of what we’ve known all along– that people who embrace the American Principles of Liberty are a threat to people who oppose those principles (but not nearly as much of a threat as they are to us). Now that you mention it, it is pretty clear and simple.

    I was a bit taken by the fact that they instructed local law enforcement to keep silent about it. I still intend to talk with some LEOs about that.

    ‘Course we’ve only seen the summary. The totality of the report might contain some interesting reading.

  2. My problem with the report is this:

    It is an official government document – from which LEOs are to determine how to act.


    It is obvious propanda intended to put a class of people in a bad light.

    My concern is not the “words which will not hurt me”, but the “sticks and stones” which may follow from any number of government and non-government sources.

    It is setting the table in a manner I would prefer not to see it set.

  3. I am now a watched, right wing extremist. I fit several of the descriptors. I served and fought under the “command” of a radical democrat commander-in-chief. LBJ. The man was a true war criminal. I have the goods on the guy.

    The idea behind “leaking” that report in my opinion is to deepen the divide between the left and us, the so called silent majority, who are mostly of a conservative leaning. We are not radicals. However in the mind of the liberal we are radicals. We arn’t following their drummer into the coming hell.

    Alinsky in one of his “manuals” instructs the commrades to divide the American people into two or more categories (groups) isolate, and then sit back and watch while they kill each other.

    Obama was a follower and fellow traveler with Alinsky dogma. Obama (just my opinion) plans to create such a division and is in the process currently of building a tender box that he hopes will explode. He will then be able to declare martial law and have a bunch of foreign leaders as support in what would be a cleansing of the USA of vermin….you and me. All right wing extremists, terrorists, horrible people.

    Please remember, this is my opinion based on what I saw, heard and have seen brewing here in our country (this is not the lefts country) since my days at SF State University in the sixties. Ayers wife (Bernadine Dohrn) consort, shack job, whatever, was responsible for starting a riot at SF State while I was a student there (late sixties). Several people were injured, one critically when the assholes stuck a mounted policemans horse with an ice pick and the animal went out of control into the crowd.

    One thing is for sure. These lefties are serious in their intent. They will fail and fail big time. They cannot weigh evidence, do not know history, so therefore cannot learn from history. They are in the process of repeating some very bad history. They are following a lightweight leader who is still in the formative stages of intellectual development. The guy has essentially NO, real life experience.

    Sheeple. I have never seen sheep shepherd a pack of wolves. The sheeple are in deep do do.

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