Quote of the day–Jeff Cooper

I have never been taken with the idea of selling a gun. When you possess a firearm, you possess something of importance. If you trade it for cash, you have lost it – and the cash in your hand will soon be gone. Sell something else! 
Jeff Cooper
Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries
June 11, 1993
[I posted this once before but it likely wasn’t noticed much in the collection of 146 other Cooper quote.

I’m selling a gun today. Other than a few guns I bought with the specific intent to resell this is the first time ever. It’s not because I want the money, it’s because the other person wants it and I don’t really have a use for it. I haven’t shot this one in years and I have another gun that fills this niche better than the one I am selling that I do shoot sometimes. Still, it makes me sad.–Joe]