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Again, I will say this, it’s not that the country has moved way left. That is not what has happened…. It’s not a leftward movement. It’s a forward, communitarian movement. Shared opportunities. Shared responsibilities. Shared values, including the most important of all: “Our differences are really interesting, and they make life in America much more interesting, but our common humanity matters more.”

Bill Clinton
January 2008
Bill Clinton On Pragmatism (And Guns) In The Obama Era
[“Communitarian, shared opportunities, shared responsibilities, shared values” isn’t leftward? I’ll tell you what my values are and let’s see if these people can share them with me. I value individual rights. I value the right to purchase whatever arms I want, whenever I want, and from whoever I want. I value the right to be left alone to do whatever I want as long as I don’t hurt anyone else or I do it with consenting adults. I value the right to privacy in my communication with others which includes all of my financial transactions (which makes a tax on income impossible to enforce). I value the right to chose my own health care providers (including the null set). I value the right to travel freely and anonymously. And that’s just the start.

Now tell me what “shared values” we have. Mr. Clinton and his groupies just don’t get it. Nearly everything they work toward, claiming “shared values” and “shared responsibilities” are diametrically opposed to my values, the principles this country was founded upon, and the constitution which he swore to defend. Why is this impeached, disbarred, lying piece of crap still given any credence in American life?–Joe]


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  1. Mr. Huffman:

    I’m afraid that I disagree with your statement that, “Mr. Clinton and his groupies just don’t get it.” They get it. They simply wish to bury it, along with any other fragment of freedom remaining in this country. They have had an agenda since the early 1900’s (starting with government-school brainwashing, a la John Dewey), and have been steadily eating away through a well-planned campaign of Fabian socialism to destroy the first, best bastion of freedom and liberty in the world.

    What is now truly terrifying is that more than 50% of the voting populace in this country has bought into this BS.

    They “get it”, and they’re going to do their best to destroy it.

  2. You are probably right. I should said, “Anyone that believes what Clinton and his groupies say just don’t get it.”

    Thanks for the correction.

  3. He’s taking a play right out of the FDR playbook. FDR poked fun at those who accused him of promoting socialism.

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