Representing all her constituents

Schumer and others are complaining that the new Senator from New York, Kirsten Gillibrand, doesn’t represent all her constituents and her Gun Control Stance Upsets Many and predict they will be able to twist her arm into violating the Second Amendment:

“Now, as she begins representing the whole state, I look forward to working with her to help her gain a broader understanding of the problems affecting New York City so she can be an effective advocate for all New Yorkers.”

During the press conference yesterday, Senator Schumer said he was sure Gillibrand’s stance would “evolve” once she got to know downstate issues.

When I read that I read it as “down south” issues. Further translation comes out like the following.

Sure, we have a 13th Amendment that prohibits slavery but that doesn’t mean we can’t have common-sense regulation of those n***ers. Just because up north they let them run around like they are just as good as anyone else doesn’t mean that we have to let them walk around in public like they belong in polite society. Once Gillibrand gets a “broader understanding” of the situation I’m sure she be able to be an effective advocate for both the bigots and the n***ers.


2 thoughts on “Representing all her constituents

  1. Since when does any one person represent a whole state? If that were the case we’d be seeing a 100% vote here and there, yet in fact we consider 60% a whopping landslide.

    We can translate “representing the whole state” then to mean only one thing; Promoting Schumer’s ideas.

    I will further translate “he was sure Gillibrand’s stance would “evolve” as; Schumer and his cronies have some viable threats and/or payoffs ready for her.

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