Quote of the day–Bruce Schneier

Of course the terrorists used Google Earth. They also used boats, and ate at restaurants. Don’t even get me started about the fact that they breathed air and drank water.

Bruce Schneier
December 8, 2008
Mumbai Terrorists Used Google Earth, Boats, Food
[Apparently some people are making sounds about how bad it is that Google Earth exists. Essentially, because something can be used for evil purposes the “government should do something”. It’s the same mindset that has lead them to restricting knives (for all the good it has done) and banning fire extinguishers in the UK. It’s not guns, knives, or Google Earth that are the problem yet some people continue to push forward with their brain set to “11” on the insanity scale. As near as I can tell there are few explanations:

  1. The people “in charge” are unwilling to use rational thought when addressing the situation.
  2. The people “in charge” are unable to use rational thought when addressing the situation.
  3. The people “in charge” have ulterior motives for increasing government control of society.
  4. Some combination of the above.

Regardless of the pathology these people have no business receiving a government paycheck let alone making decisions that adversely affect the lives of millions of people.-Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Bruce Schneier

  1. No, what it really means is the people in charge don’t have the testicular fortitude to make the hard decisions… like making terrorism a capital crime. Look at the piracy mess off of the Horn of Africa for more evidence.

    We knew how to solve this problem centuries ago… hang ’em from the nearest yardarm. Our ‘leaders’, for the most part, don’t have the courage to do it. The rest of them (like the Russians) actually see a benefit in letting this behavior continue.

  2. JGC; what you described falls into either 1, 2, 3, or 4.

    I say the answer is 4, with a heavy dose of 3.

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