Their lies are catching up with them

The company that owns the anti-gun Chicago Tribune, the anti-gun LA Times, 10 other newspapers, and 23 television stations is filing for bankruptcy. They have 13 billion in debt.

They will continue to operate but the future isn’t bright and I’m hoping they will at least fade away into obscurity.

There still remains the anti-gun New York Times and Washington Post but it’s a pretty good start.


6 thoughts on “Their lies are catching up with them

  1. But the New Yawk Slimes’ stock was just downgraded to junk. They had to take out a mortgage on the building to remain in operation.

  2. I suspect this is due to a drop in advertising revenue, since a lot of auto makers and banks seem to be short on cash of late.

    Add The Hartford Courant to the list of anti-gun papers effected.

  3. Yep, as Drang pointed out, the NYT is mortgaging their headquarters in order to raise money. What happens when they can’t make the payments? (Chortling…) This would be a good time for a conservative billionaire to step up and buy one of these media giants.

  4. What; they’re not demanding a bailout? That’s even more evidence that they’re out of touch.

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