Sex toys

In another gift to gun owners before leaving office the adminstration arrested Illinios Governor Rod (Pocket Rocket) Blagojevich today.

Now instead of restricting access to guns which he mixed up with a popular sex toy there is a chance he might well become a sex toy himself while visiting Club Fed. After working so hard for so many years to screw gun owners we can only hope he discovers what it’s like to be on the receiving end for a few years.


3 thoughts on “Sex toys

  1. It’s certainly no surprize that an IL politician is corrupt. Real news would be if there were an honorable one.

    The story here is that this one somehow, for some reason, got caught. The yet untold story is about why this one particular douchebag was singled out.

  2. I know of at least one honorable statesman from Illinois. The 74th District State Representative, Don Moffit. 95% of the geographic area of Illinois is normal, the problem lies in the Union of Soviet Socialist Chicagoans.

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