Israel continues to commit suicide

Death by a thousand, self-inflicted cuts.  This from our friend Howard;



Today we really have a poporie of news. 


I’m on duty patrolling downtown this evening.  20:30 I get the patrol officers briefing.  21:00 we get our volunteers briefing.  Hope the rain holds-off.  Then again if it starts raining for real I guess we just go home.


Soon we may be all the protection the public gets.


The public transportation unit is gone.  More cops are leaving than replacements can be found.  The Ministry of Interior is disarming the public who have licensed guns…after passing [a] process determining need for a gun and background, physical and mental record checks.

Who ever said registration and licensing were the path to confiscation?  Once again we see Jews being disarmed, only this time Jews are doing it to each other.

Now the Finance Ministry is not going to fund the minimum wage school guards receive.  So the schools will be totally unprotected.

This is what is known as the “Peace” process– The lack of meaningful opposition to socialist, Marxist, Fascist, communist or jihadist military expansionism.


5 thoughts on “Israel continues to commit suicide

  1. There have been several references, in the Israeli press, to the possiblility of civil war in Israel, including this one at Ha’aretz;
    and this tidbit;
    but no specifics or explanation related to gun confiscation. That’s just one paper. I’ll keep looking. Those stories alone would give credibility (for me) to the claims of confiscation, and the disolution of some of the security forces. That and the fact that I trust Howard Linett.

  2. Then there’s this;
    and you can find more through google if you use the right language. Here’s one search;
    That’s enough for me.

    You won’t hear a peep out of the U.S. Old Media though. That’s why I occasionally post Howard’s messages. He lives over there, and he is a journalist, so you can count his letter as one “media source”, direct from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. I also post his stuff because the U.S. has been taking a similar road. What happens over there could one day happen here. This Israeli business is part of the Buch/Rice “Roadmap” and they’re sticking to it like glue.

  3. School guards in Israel not being paid? That’s whacked right there. Schools are target one. It’s in the terrorist handbook under “Collective Guilt”.

  4. This is nothing new. I always laughed at the ill informed who view Israel as some kind of highly armed paradise where the people all have guns.

    Well, to an extent they do. But the government has always owned nearly all the firearms and personal firearms are hard to get and there are such things as fairly strict limits on the amount of ammunition you can keep on hand.

    In 1978 (I’m getting a little grey now) I seem to recall you could only have around 100 rounds of handgun ammo, maybe 200. Certainly less that I get through in a weekend of practice here.

    Israel is probably more like Obama’s vision of a citizen militia as well funded as the military in that repect. Heavily armed but no personal weapons at all.

    Earl (Who once lived in Israel)

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