You are a part of the “Triangle of Death”

Just so you know what they think of you.

According to the Brady bunch if you are part of the NRA you are part of the “Triangle of Death”:

They ignore the fact that firearms are used to save far more innocent lives than to take them, and that thousands of NRA instructors across the country teach self-defense and the protection of innocent life. They ignore the fact that the NRA is not a lobbying group for dealers or manufactures but is primarily an educational, range development, and sporting organization. Even if you focus entirely on NRA-ILA, the actual lobbying arm of the NRA, it’s primarily funded by individual donations not dealer and/or manufacture donations. But the truth isn’t nearly as useful to the Brady Bunch.

And of course even if you were to take their claims about the NRA as true it still doesn’t make sense. If the guns are already “illegal” and/or the dealers are “corrupt” then it’s an enforcement, not legislative, problem. But then, people with mental problems frequently don’t make sense.


6 thoughts on “You are a part of the “Triangle of Death”

  1. That’s so unbelievebly stupid its hard to comment. Corrupt gun dealers give money to the NRA, OK, one can see there would be an incentive there, asuming you can blind yourself enough to ignore the reality that “corrupt” dealers would be breaking laws…

    But what incentive is the NRA handing to congress? I can’t make out the graphic. Threats? Some magic spell generator? Its clearly not money. OH! Maybe its votes! But wait, that would mean the People participating in democracy. How gosh!

  2. I thought it was money from a wallet. But I could be mistaken on that. They are using a two different graphics for money if that is the case. But that doesn’t even make sense because one would think the “corrupt gun dealers” would be better off avoiding the middle-man.

  3. It’s money. From their website:

    The NRA buys off Members of Congress. Congress in turn passes laws that protect corrupt gun dealers.

    Those gun dealers are allowed to flood our communities with illegal guns without scrutiny or fear of repercussion.

    Then the gun dealers donate to the NRA … to buy off Congress.

  4. Oh, those silly little brady people. The major gun dealers,manufactors and retailers have to follow strict laws and rules laid out by the federal government. The elected officals and lobbist from the NRA have to follow rules as well. There is nothing corrupt about any of it. Compared to what Georgia Soros is doing with and Media Matters, giving under the table donations to the Clintons and other Democrats.

  5. When do I get my Triangle of Death T-shirt and coffee cup?
    And Tamara’s right, “Triangle of Doom” sounds better–someone tell Sarah, OK?

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