Quote of the day–Clayton Cramer

A politician has to wear a mask that hides who he is really is–to be different people to different interest groups–in order to get elected. For a lot of homosexuals, unless they choose to be open about it, they also have to wear a mask that hides who they really are. Perhaps all these gay politicians are the consequence of people who get used to wearing a mask about their sexuality–and find it very easy to then leapfrog into politics, a career that does not require, but certainly encourages equivocation, shading the truth, and flat-out lies.

None of this would matter if Craig had either been discreet, or intelligent. But he managed to fail on both counts with this stunt in Minneapolis, and made all of this relevant.

Clayton Cramer
August 29, 2007
I Just Noticed That Larry Craig’s Three Kids Are All Adopted
[I disagree with a lot of Cramer opinions about gays, but I think he has it right this time.–Joe]