Quote of the day–Joan Burbick

The mystique of the Western gun rested on an inflated belief in the individual and the power within reach of an ordinary human being.


The gun has become a fetish–an emotional response to a changing America, the idea that somehow, the social problems of the U.S. will be solved through private gun ownership and a lot more guns.

Joan Burbick
Professor of English and American Studies at Washington State University
Author of Gun Show Nation: Gun Culture and American Democracy
Quotes found at Guns R Us — Is it time to re-examine the West’s fascination with firearms? in Missoula Independent By: Ray Ring August 16, 2007
[It’s interesting to me that Mr. Ring referred to Ms. Burbick as “Jean Burbick” instead of “Joan Burbick”. Typical of an anti-gun bigot–getting the facts straight don’t seem to matter. Please note that Burbick is engaging in a bit of projection with her claim “the gun has become a fetish”. It’s the anti-gun bigots that believe gun regulation have magical power to protect people. And Burbick also overlooks that the concept of individual power, and even the individual itself, is the one distinguishing difference between Western Civilization and all others. For her to denigrate the concept of individual power and rights is to undermine the very basis of our culture.–Joe]