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I do not know what it means to be a liberal Jew in America anymore. I don’t know what it means to be against gun violence or against people who have guns or just against having playdates at houses with people who own guns — not when those people are all around me, when those are my people.

Amy Klein
November 22, 2023
Opinion: Taking a trip to the firing range was something I’d never do before October 7

Dear Ms. Klein,

I understand it is tough having your worldview so dramatically ripped apart. It is going to take some time to process everything. But what you are now getting a glimpse of is what we gun owners call “reality”.

  • Reality is that you have to be your own first responder. When seconds count the police are only minutes away.
  • Reality is the police have no legal requirement to protect you.
  • Reality is, worldwide historically, government police have contributed to the murder of far more innocent people than common criminals.
  • Reality is the people of Ukraine wish they had personal access to and skills with effective self-defense tools when Russia rolled across the border.
  • Reality is the Israeli people wish they had personal access to and skills with effective self-defense tools when Hamas streamed across the border to kidnap, rape, and murder innocent people. Some people were able to save countless lives because they did have access and skills.
  • Reality is you have the opportunity to acquire the skills and equipment to defend yourself and your loved ones. You may never need it, but the cost of needing it and not having it is so high that it, by far, outweighs the cost of acquiring it and not needing it.
  • Reality is tough. But millions of other people can handle it. And from reading your article, I’m sure you can handle it too.

I realize you live on the opposite side of the continent from me, but should you ever decide to visit my part of the country (Seattle area and/or North Central Idaho) I would be glad to give you a day or even a weekend of free lessons, free use of my firearms and free ammo,

For your learning comfort I can provide you access to private indoor (Five Star Rated) and outdoor ranges using silenced firearms.

Welcome to reality.

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7 thoughts on “Welcome to Reality

  1. She should try moving to real America where Jew haters are thin on the ground. Cities are dysfunctional in many ways, including but not limited to anti-Semitism.

    • The question to ask is why do Jews hate so many of the non-Jews around them, and what do they keep doing that makes those around them dislike them so much.

      It’s not like the top guy at PornHub is a rabbi, or Mayorkas of “open the US border” fame is Jewish, or anything like that.

      Just sayin’…..

      • I assume that you must live in a city rather than real America. My advice to Jewish citizens stands.

  2. Well, welcome to the party, Gal! And yes, admitting one has a problem is the first step in fixing it.
    The second step, and this is the most critical one. Is to not start thinking your right about everything again. We have a built-in tendency to believe it was all just a one-off in our thought process. And then go right back to the poor mental habits that have gotten millions murdered over the years.
    No, they really are out to kill you. Some of them are your own people.
    Doesn’t matter why. We don’t need to know. Cause we ain’t going to be able to talk them out of the brainwashing anyway.
    Evil is just that, evil. One can only be on the lookout for it and stand ready to fight it. Or not. And anyone that would have you unable to defend yourself against it is also evil.
    That’s truly that simple.

  3. Along similar lines, I can envision a small “social” group made up of B or higher classification 3-Gun shooters and a couple Boomershoot veterans.

    And a program of, uh, “study,” to earn an invitation to join that group.

    “….but told my husband we’d have to ask people if they had a gun in the house before we accepted a Shabbat dinner invitation on Long Island with our kid.”

    I suspect the time may be at hand where that question will be asked and the invitation turned down if the host doesn’t possess suitable weaponry and the skills to employ it or insists on maintaining a GFZ at home.

    • Shades of Neil Smith’s fictional Republic of Texas, where you needed a government permit to be UNarmed. (That was in “Roswell, Texas”, a highly entertaining “graphic novel”.)

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