Some Lesson Details

To support my assertion that there was a clear lesson which should have been learned I give you this, also from The Times of Israel on October 9th:

A failed attempt by terrorists on Saturday to enter Nir Am, a kibbutz situated some 500 yards (457 meters) away from the border with Gaza, ended with the death of two perpetrators, a local defender says.

“The terrorists appear to have tried to penetrate a large chicken farm next to Nir Am, possibly mistaking its fence for the kibbutz’s fence,” says Ami Rabin, 70, the previous security coordinator of Nir Am, who is also the uncle of his successor, Amit Rabin.

The kibbutz’s guard detail, whose members took up forward positions upon hearing gunshots, shot two of the terrorists as they entered the factory, Rabin tells The Times of Israel. Blood trails around the scene indicated a third sustained a serious injury, he adds.

And this from October 10th:

One tale of bravery involves a handful of men and women who, with only two rifles and a few handguns, prevented a detachment of heavily armed terrorists from setting foot in their community of Ein Habesor.

None of the defenders died in the 20-minute-long gunfight, in which they employed subterfuge to make the terrorists believe they were up against a more formidable fighting force.

Another is about Noam Tibon, a reserves general from Tel Aviv who, within an hour of the terrorist incursion, led a hastily assembled intervention team to the home of his son — Amir Tibon of the Haaretz newpaper — in Kibbutz Nahal Oz.

The team killed several terrorists outside several homes, including that of his son, Amir, who was holed up inside with his wife and daughters.

A third account revolves around Inbal Rabin-Lieberman, the 25-year-old security coordinator of Kibbutz Nir Am. She and her uncle Ami led a guard detail so alert that it killed two terrorists as they were trying to enter a nearby chicken farm. This response was so effective that it made the dead invaders’ entire detachment lose the appetite for entering Nir Am.

Back in Ein Habesor, local resident Noam Gotliv says, “We’re only hearing the tip of the iceberg of the bravery that Israelis showed over the past two days.” Gotliv used a handgun to fire from close range on terrorists armed with rifles. Another resident armed with nothing but an axe stayed with Gotliv’s wife, Julie, and three children inside their home shelter in case the terrorists breached the gate.


9 thoughts on “Some Lesson Details

  1. I initially read the story as the two terrorists attempting to penetrate a large chicken.

    It was sadly plausible.

    • Equally plausible compared to other animals and the other things the terrorists have been doing the last four weeks.

  2. What was that lady’s argument about how a rifle can’t help you defend yourself against a heavily armed intruder to a bowling alley? Events like this make her point moot me thinks. Yep.

  3. Three short points:

    1) Be very skeptical of any news coming from any official source about the current conflict in and around Gaza. Everyone politically involved is highly incentivized to lie and spin stories. Wait at LEAST a couple of days for confirmation of any fantastic / horrible stories before you believe them.

    2) There is no way that Hamas managed to not be seen coming by the IDF and border security; they were “let in,” and Vox coined the term a “Green Flag” operation (as distinct from a classic “False Flag” op) to describe it. A Green Flag is when the attackers are real, and real defenders are killed, but it was known about and deliberately allowed to happen for domestic political and propaganda purposes, such as Pearl Harbor.

    3) Rumor via a FoaF with family over there that many of the reservists being called up and sent in to Gaza on the ground (a likely meatgrinder) are actually Christian converts (ethnically Jewish) who are seen as a security threat. Higher-up see this as a win-win; Palestinians get killed, Israeli hate on the street gets sated, and they don’t lose many “good Jews” in the fighting. Israeli leadership and their media are basically talking genocide or deportation to the rest of the world. It’s worse than the “convert, submit, or die” that Islam demands, as it’s only “leave or die.” If you thought the “refugee” and “import the third world, become the third world” problem was bad now, just wait… it could get much worse before it gets better.

    I guess there is a fourth point, too.
    4) That sort of ethnic/sectarian violence looks to be coming to America. Prepare accordingly.

    • I agree that threat intel was ignored. But as I can attest from being on a threat intel team for the last eight plus years that is common even when there is a high price to be paid for that failure. It doesn’t have to mean the intention was to deliberately take causalities.

      Even if that was the case, I don’t have any sympathy for Hamas. They didn’t have to “take the bait”.

      • True, But Israel didn’t need to disarm its people only hundreds of yards away from people whose entire existence is to kill Jews. Had been firing rockets at them for years. And were never going to change their minds on the subject.
        Especially not, with international community paying them not to do so.
        To me it doesn’t seem a matter of baiting Hamas. As it was always going to happen.
        It’s a matter of acting surprised when it does? And so totally offended by Hamas’s actions as to start WWIII over it?
        Things being as fake and gay as they are in the world right now? This one’s got the smell.

        • The civilians have been disarmed for years. Ignoring the intel from the last few months is independent from the disarmament.

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