Lesson Not Learned

You would think with such a vivid example less than a month previous they would understand why the right to keep and bear arms should not be infringed.

From The Times of Israel:

Coming to a public space near you: Guns. Lots of guns.

Weapons should only be distributed to citizens if common sense precautionary measures are applied, including extensive background checks before issuing a license and monitoring of license holders.

We may have to wait until the state of emergency ends before public debate can take place over these risky new regulations, meanwhile, we can only hope it won’t take a tragedy for the national security ministry to take measures that ensure deadly weapons don’t end up in the wrong hands.

Are these people just mind bogglingly slow learners? Or is there some sort of motivation I cannot fathom?


13 thoughts on “Lesson Not Learned

  1. Do the weapons bans also apply to the Hamas terrorists that parachute across the border? Does magical thinking immediately disable guns from use when they cross the national boundary. just as it does when those with criminal intent enter a no gun zone?

  2. What was that argument about jews being the smartest people in the world? If that’s what goes along with all that super-high IQ?
    Thank God, I love being a mid-wit! (And a well-armed mid-wit at that.)

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  4. Aaron Zelman called it the Gas Chamber Mentality.

    He also couldn’t explain it, but merely observe that most of his fellow Jews would rather die in a gas chamber than defend themselves.

    • Maybe they have primarily become r/K people. I wonder if most of the Jewish world population falls into that category? Might explain a few things from a historical perspective. I can’t claim to be any sort of expert on the subject, though.

  5. They don’t seem to mind rushing through laws that restrict rights of the people in a heartbeat of time at the dead of night, though.

    funny, that.

    It’s almost like the most important thing is centralizing power, and ruling through fear and claims of “CRISIS!”, not the good of the people.

  6. Seems similar to the idiocy of the Titanic crew, that refused to allow the husband to accompany the wife (and children) into the lifeboats. No men allowed! Lots of empty seats as a result.
    F-that! Lots of crew should have preceded that ship to the bottom. Of course, the stupid British had already begun disarming their serfs by then, so things might have gotten sporty.

  7. The official reason for denying arms and locking up those that did exist in an armory, was that they were being stolen. Presumably they were then sold on the black market to persons unknown. Part of the problem is that the weapons were owned by the government rather than individuals leading to a tragedy of the commons problem. However, many privately owned weapons in the US are stolen every year so this can’t be the whole problem. Probably scarcity increasing the value was a big part of this too.

    However, the limitation on ammunition leads me to doubt the official story and think it was just another gun control ploy.

    • Most likely it is a “people control” issue. Want to know one of the most unsafe places under control by the US? Any and all military bases. All weapons are locked up in an armory, even personally owned by those living in base housing. Their typical argument for it is that those in uniform tend not to be well trained in weapon handling. Even in a war zone base, weapons tend to not be available, even if those on base are the guys that will be leaving the base to patrol that day. That sort of thinking was a factor in my deciding to not enlist, during the Asian unplesantness back in the 60’s.

  8. “Never Again!” wasn’t about the world making sure it wouldn’t happen. It was a reminder to be vigilant for yourself to make sure you didn’t suffer what your ancestors did by any means available.

    Amazing how in two generations people who should have known better, who are living in a place next to neighbors who have flat-out stated in all sincerity they wish to pick up where Hitler left off, thinks it is hyberbole and that they have grown beyond such barbarism.

    Well, barbarism came a knockin’ on October 7th. And still this mentality persists?!?

    My mother-in-law took a trip to Israel some years ago and was horrified when the guide offered them weapons and training because they were touring some places near Gaza and the West Bank and violence had occurred there recently. Mostly American Jews, they were aghast at this prospect. Me? I would have taken the offered Uzi in delight and then help train others in basic weapons handling. The only downside was I couldn’t bring a souvenir like that home.

    I guess each generation has to learn such lessons the hard way. Which is unfortunate.

  9. The reason the lesson wasn’t learned is that for many it runs counter to their religion… and from what I’ve read after the Hamas attack, for many Israelis the true religion is Liberalism, NOT Judaism. They may call themselves Jews, but like Chuck Schumer they’re Liberals first, last, and to the bone.
    Michael Savage says ‘Liberalism is a Mental Disorder’ and he’s shown here to be correct.

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