Fallout Shelters

I stumbled across some interesting facts on fallout shelters (emphasis added):

The former Soviet Union and other Eastern Bloc countries often designed their underground mass-transit and subway tunnels to serve as bomb and fallout shelters in the event of an attack. Currently, the deepest subway line in the world is situated in St Petersburg in Russia, with an average depth of 60 meters, while the deepest subway station is Arsenalna in Kyiv, at 105.5 meters.[14]

Germany has protected shelters for 3% of its population, Austria for 30%, Finland for 70%, Sweden for 81%,[15] and Switzerland for 114%.

Switzerland built an extensive network of fallout shelters, not only through extra hardening of government buildings such as schools, but also through a building regulation requiring nuclear shelters in residential buildings since the 1960s (the first legal basis in this sense dates from 4 October 1963).[24] Later, the law ensured that all residential buildings built after 1978 contained a nuclear shelter able to withstand a blast from a 12-megaton explosion at a distance of 700 metres.

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5 thoughts on “Fallout Shelters

  1. 12 MEGAton from 700 m is… most impressive. That’s ~1000 times the size of Fat Man / Little Boy bombs. At less than one-half mile. No wonder building there costs so much.

  2. As was many of the Washington DC Metro stations.

    In Finland any building over a certain size had to include a bomb shelter for the public. Many did dual duty as underground parking or pools.

    When I asked my Finish counterpart if the expected an attack or were just prepared for some short rounds, he just smiled.

    • Well, they did get invaded by Stalin, losing a fair chunk of the country in the process.

  3. Ya, some governments actually give a shit about their people. Funny how the most highest society ever never got around to that for we the people.
    Even if deterrence is the best bomb shelter. We gave away all our national food stores back in Carter’s days.
    The biggest problem is bomb shelters can’t save us from treason. Which we got in spades.
    Why nuke us when were so easy to starve?

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