Quote of the day—Dinesh D’Souza

If “woke” banks won’t do business with us, then people like me—political conservatives, mainstream Republicans—will have to have our own banks. If “woke” companies won’t sell to us, we’ll have to have our own merchandizing sector. If “woke” digital platforms won’t carry our views, we’ll have to make our own, and if—as in the case of Parler—there is a coordinated strike to take them down, we’ll have to restore our networks in a manner completely secure from such dangers.

This past weekend, my wife and I watched the movie “The Green Book.” In it, we saw a white and black man driving through the segregated South, where blacks basically lived in their own world—their own banks, restaurants, barbershops, and public lavatories and water fountains—and all because the whites flatly refused to do business with them.

It struck Debbie and me with the force of epiphany that this is where we seem to be heading. De facto segregation, not de jure segregation. And segregation not based on race but based on political viewpoint. It might seem overdramatic to say that Republicans and conservatives are the new blacks, but Republicans and conservatives are now treated in “woke” America with the same derision, contempt, and second-class citizenship that blacks were in the first part of the previous century.

Dinesh D’Souza
March 29, 2021
My Experience With ‘Woke’ Corporations
[Perhaps he was exaggerating some when he says they just now had the epiphany. If not, then he is a little slow on the uptake. It was obvious to me, and I posted about it, regarding the treatment of gun owners in 2006.

Still, better late than never and he has a much larger audience than I do.—Joe]


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  1. Can’t get served? Build your own restaurant.
    Can’t get money? Build your own bank.
    Can’t get justice? Build your own government.

    Follow the logic, people.

    • Of course, the second point almost demands the third if the current government regulations on banking make banking services unavailable.

      As an example, look at what issues marijuana dispensaries have getting banking and credit services. Only there, that’s a smiled-upon business by the powers that be.

    • Build your own restaurant? Get a whole lot of extra-close inspections, yellow-tags, fines, and regulations being applied with particular vigor to YOUR place, but not your woke competitor.
      Build your own bank? Get ready to be shut down by regulators and fines for imaginary non-compliance and money laundering, then bankrupted by the meritless court cases.
      Build your own government? Expect to get infiltrated and set up, get harassed, get endless lawsuits thrown at you

      Don’t get me wrong, those are not bad ideas. But look at all the problems Gab has had trying to do their own thing. No payment processors will work with them, no data-centers will host them, banking is difficult, etc. Building your own is much easier said than done.

      • Makes me wonder if there’s a market for a Liberty Hosting Services. Data center services without the PC baggage.

        • The problem is all the other dependencies for a datacenter that are vulnerable to attack by the Wokeban.

          You need physical space, power, internet service, equipment, etc for a data center. I don’t know about you, but my own company is quite willing to integrate Chinese Communist Party restrictions into our software to facilitate China-domestic wiretapping, but then have CEO-level email pronouncements about anti-asian hate (but only when committed by narrative-convenient straight male non-BIPOCs). Hard to keep a datacenter running when you can’t get your contracts renewed, if it doesn’t get immediately cancelled to virtue signal to the Wokeban mob, or simply broken into and burned down while the cops man the perimeter to make sure the Black Bloc arsonists don’t get shot.

          After that, you need to get traffic routed into your datacenter. Doesn’t work when embedded Wokeban partisans elsewhere make extra work to blacklist your ASN, IP addresses, DNS entries. Yeah, I intentionally used the word “blacklist” since the IT Wokeban want to treat the internet like it’s their own Woolworth’s lunch counter.

          That’s just IT level, where you need actual expertise to both implement and undo any kind of sabotage. Business attacks require less engineering savvy. Wokeban will start an intimidation campaign against the bank that hosts the commercial account. They’ll campaign to get their merchant accounts cancelled by the processor, or just campaign Visa and Mastercard to blacklist the company, so they can’t get paid except by cash, check or… cryptocurrency. Wokeban partisans in the regulatory bodies will look for any reason to subject banks to extra auditing, as with operation Choke Point. They’ll campaign to get advertising cancelled and search engine results delisted.

          The internet was designed to be fault tolerant to the point of being able to withstand a nuclear attack. It wasn’t designed to withstand Marxists inside the wire. Hiroshima got nuked and built itself back up. Detroit has never recovered.

          • Yes, but the dependencies are utilities, and well recognized as such. For the left to start banning people from utilities would be a major red line crossing. You can tell the man on the street very easily “the left wants to take away your electric and telephone service if you don’t vote their way”.

  2. Re being slow on the uptake, perhaps, perhaps not.

    Gun owners have been dealing with this attitude for some time, as you note, but perhaps only the “serious” gun enthusiasts took real note of it. Now, however, the liberals are coming for all conservatives, not just the “gun nuts.”

    Regardless, it’s good to see people acknowledging this; and McChuck makes a good point.

  3. So given the alternatives, is creating our own shadow world a viable solution? How will Wokism respond if we do?

    • ” How will Wokism respond if we do?”

      With rage, mass destruction and murder of course. Keep in mind that they’ve been convinced that humanity is a plague upon the earth, and that “conservatives” are standing in the way of not only social and economic justice, but in the way of saving the very planet they live on and have come even to worship.

      That makes us not merely vermin, but the worst of all possible vermin. We’re a virulent and deadly plague.

      But this is all, so far, couched in secular terms for the most part. That is merely a front, or facade however. Versions of gaia worship or pan theism are cropping up now, even among the supposedly secular “scientific” “community”, which is even now blending rather seamlessly with the gaia worshipers and the holders of other pagan beliefs within the international organizations.

      Science (or “science” falsely so called) notwithstanding, behind the scenes, behind the facade, for the powers that be it is all about worship, or to put it another way, it is all about whose authority we recognize. The pagans, exemplified in Rome, with their Pontifex Maximus (ultimate bridge builder) arrogantly and blasphemously claiming the title, VICARIVS FILII DEI* (vicariously the son of god) receive their power from the dragon. They expect to be the one authority in the world, and to be worshipped accordingly, and, fully in-character, as of old, they’ll seek to crush with an iron fist anyone who opposes them. Their primary target, the perpetual thorn in their side, the nasty, foreign thing sticking in their craw so to speak, is the true message and the people of Christ, same as before in the Dark Ages.

      We would like to think, in this enlightened age of nuclear physics, space travel and cell phones, that humanity has gotten beyond the sort of towering arrogance and grievous error combined with extreme ignorance which brought the ridiculous “god kings” to the ancients, but we’d be altogether wrong in that assumption. Nothing has changed except that, with technology, the evil forces are now feeling more powerful than ever before.

      *That’s the official Roman title in its original Roman spelling. For a fun exercise, extract each of the numbers within it and add them all together.

      • Science falsely so called is “SCIENTISM”; a religion that clothes itself in the white coats and glassware and imagery of real science and uses the language of science for its catechism and dogmas. Thanks to the success of real science over the past 500 years, people who have lost any foundation in religion, which prevents people from becoming like stock animals to the ruling class, believe that worshiping scientists will continue the improvements in quality of life the world has so far enjoyed.

  4. In other news: Disney executives have confirmed that Dinesh D’Souza will not be appearing in season three of The Mandalorian.

  5. While the signs of the segregation have been there for some time, it has only been the last 3 years where it became obvious that we (conservative, gun loving, country loving Americans) are not wanted in any way at all.

    The election theft and the following active coverup by the politicians, media and corporations allied with the left all made it quite clear we are now considered Persona non Grata. It is not that they disagree with us. They have made it clear they want us GONE! To this end they will demonize us, make us criminals with draconian gun laws and by blackmailing us economically, socially and by constant media barrage.

    It is time to organize and be prepared to fight back in any way necessary to maintain our rights.

    • Vicky Weaver, Gordon Kahl, and David Koresh agree.

      Gary Webb can write about the progress.

    • Or, to go Galt.

      If all the conservatives actually did this, and stuck to their guns, what’s left of the country wouldn’t last 2 weeks.

    • If one or two high-profile but small companies? Not at all. If much of conservative middle-America do so? Yes, it will have a real effect on their bottom line. Will they change? More than likely, only their marketing lies will.

      Truth be told, we’ll all be better off without any Coke product. Or Pepsi product. Or any and all high fructose sweetened sugary beverage, regardless of brand.

      • Maybe, maybe not. A number of these corporations have decided to align with China; whatever they lose in American business, they figure they’ll make up for with Chinese renminbi.

        It’s not a smart idea, since the CCP is known for dropping the hammer on people and businesses who fall out of favor. But hey — their funeral.

        • For the Leftists, the warning that in this case they could lose a lot of money has the same impact that a Jew keeping Kosher or a Vegan would have if you point out that there is nothing at the ball park they can eat or drink, and have to wait until they get home to eat what they are allowed to eat within their religions. It doesn’t matter because not eating the wrong stuff, or chasing the wrong people out of their market is a higher value than mere money, in spite of the demand of the quarterly targets from Wall Street.

      • Yes we all be better off. I have not had one in the last seven years since I switched to keto.

    • What’s strange to me, is that going “woke” seems to run very much against Coke’s brand position. Pepsi is supposed to be the young/hip/trendy brand.

      I’m switching to RC.

  6. Were not going to be the new blacks. Were the new Kulaks. What Dinesh doesn’t understand is that their not going to let him open a bank, anymore than their going to help him make movies.
    The problem for the communists is they only control government and very small portions of land.
    If the things Dinesh talks about were allowed. Communism would be made null and void very quickly. It can’t be allowed.
    Watch carefully. As the communist model is wave upon wave of outrage to keep us off-balance. I see war with Russia in Ukraine. And war with China in the pacific. And war at home through our money system. And what comes out the other side won’t be telling the world what to do anymore. If indeed were able to field a coherent government.

    • Yep, as Lyle said our very existence is an affront and like waving a red flag in front of bull. We’re the worst of the worst because we are apostates

      The only way that they would even begin to tolerate a separate system is if they had no choice. And as Dan pointed out we cannot do that with intangibles. So that leaves us with dealing with physical goods.

  7. Want to start your own bank because the existing ones won’t service you? Good luck. ALL banks are overseen, controlled by and answerable to the Federal Reserve….a FEDERAL agency OWNED by the commie left.

    Want to start your own social media platform? Good luck. The Internet Service Providers that OWN the actual physical connections that make up the Internet are OWNED by the commie left and can deplatform you before you even get started.

    ALL of the government regulatory agencies that FULLY CONTROL essentially
    EVERYTHING are now OWNED by the commie left so ANY attempts to bypass
    the “woke” deplatforming that WILL be imposed on anyone and everyone who
    doesn’t bend the knee to the new commie regime will NEVER HAVE A CHANCE.

    The left planned and implemented this coup meticulously over DECADES. They have left nothing to chance, no avenue of appeal for us, no means to thwart them using the existing system….a system they now OWN.

    We have reached that point in the devolution of America where we have only ONE MEANS LEFT for us to stop the criminals who have stolen power and
    now control everything of value in America. And if ‘we the people’ don’t get
    off our collective asses, step off the porch and start HANGING the criminals in
    power in WHOLESALE NUMBERS they are going to successfully disarm us and then we will be WELL AND TRULY SCREWED……FOREVER.

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